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One By Two Review

One By Two  Rating: 1.75/5

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One By Two Movie Review

Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site: Masand’s Verdict (CNN IBN)

One By Two tries hard to break the mold of Bollywood rom-coms, but seldom offers scenarios or characters that are refreshingly original. A feisty young girl whom Amit dates on his mother’s insistence steals the film in only a couple of scenes. She’s got what the film badly needed – oodles of spunk. I’m going with one-and-a-half out of five for Devika Bhagat’s One By Two. To quote a song from this very film: I’m just pakaoed!

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

ONE BY TWO is miles away from cliched Bollywood fairy tales. While Devika reserves the best for the second hour, it’s the first half and chunks in the post-interval portions that create a total mess, making you restless in the process. The story hardly moves in the first half. The post-interval portions do raise the barbut the writing lacks the power to keep you enthralled through and through. On the whole, an out of the box film like ONE BY TWO has some engaging moments, but they are few and far between. The excessive length and the slow pacing also play a spoilsport.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Star World (Hindustan Times)

Mid-way through One by Two, an exasperated ex-girlfriend screams at the still-besotted boyfriend whom she recently dumped: You are so boring. Aur toh aur tumhara naam bhi boring hai. I felt her pain. Boredom weighed me down too as I watched this film. The story by writer-director Devika Bhagat isn’t half-bad but these characters whine too much to be interesting company.

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Ratings:– Review By: Komal Nahata Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business

Devika Bhagat makes a confident debut as director but her narrative style, like her story and screenplay, would appeal to a very limited audience only. On the whole, One By Two offers entertainment for a very thin section of the audience and will, therefore, fail at the ticket windows. Business in premium multiplexes would be okay but it would be pathetic elsewhere.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Madhureeta Mukherjee Site:Times of India (TOI)

Debutante Devika’s concept might look good on paper, but onscreen it dissipates like diarrhoea. Strung with a few laughable scenes, it scrambles around with too many plots crafted like episodic sitcoms. It intends to reflect the psyche of the ‘wuzdat’ generation but quickly crumbles like an out-of-love, casual s** relationship. Abhay is good in his part, but after his super performance in ‘Raanjhanaa’ he’s not at his peak here. If your stomach is still growling, your table for two (stars) is ready!

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Raja Sen Site:Rediff

True to its name, this is half a film. It’s half-written, half-digested, half-witted.Abhay Deol shoots himself in the foot by acting in (and, inexplicably, producing) this monstrosity that sucks all the goodwill out of an actor we usually like, and his apparent girlfriend Preeti Desai hands in the kind of atrocious performance that makes vintage Katrina look like Juhi Chawla. And if incompetence weren’t bad enough, the writing stinks. Literally.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Saibal Chaterjee Site:NDTV

There is no dearth of perspiration in screenwriter Devika Bhagat’s directorial debut. She packs quite a lot into the film. Yet it feels wafer-thin. One By Two is a quirkily off-kilter romantic comedy that turns many a norm of the genre on its head. Unfortunately, it never quite manages to find the plot or the characters to keep pace with its carelessly strewn ideas about life, love and loafing.One By Two isn’t particularly romantic and, notwithstanding its laboured attempts at toilet humour, it certainly isn’t comedic either.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Rahul Desai Site:Mumbai Mirror

The Imran-Kareena starrer ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ is an appropriate benchmark for the slick portrayal of unconventional urban modern-day romances. Though the intent and idea is clear, ‘One By Two’ is only half way there.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

This is a case of missed opportunities. Trying for likeability is tough when the film is saddled with a listless plot and pace. And actors trying to lend it some heft, especially veterans like Rati Agnihotri and Jayant Kriplani, but not being able to because they don’t get enough. The zaniness of Deol-in-his-boxers makes us laugh, even if it feels a trifle contrived. You wish that the ‘One By Two’ had been half as much fun.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site:DNA

The film takes too long to set sailing. First half has very little substance and most of the scenes look like fillers put together to battle the reel length. Witty and funny in parts, One by Two needed to double its dosage of humor and drama to come out with flying colors. Unfortuantley it remains a half baked effort to provide any real entertainment.

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Ratings:– Review By: Deepanjana Paul Site:Firstpost

Here’s what’s truly disappointing about the non-masala Bollywood bandwagon that brings out films like One By Two. At least those who are out to make blockbusters give their audience what they want. Films like One By Two are an attempt at a compromise between masala Bollywood and smart storytelling. Like so many compromises, it isn’t fun and it’s distasteful to both parties.

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Ratings:1/5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi

One By Two is a linear film that doesn’t evoke anything from you at all. The stretched screenplay is tiresome, the lead actors are awfully boring, the dialogues were a flop show, the story was futile and utterly pointless and mostly even after a good first half of the film finished up, I was clueless about where the film is heading. I have admired Abhay Deol since Socha Na Tha but this was his most sub standard performance till date. You never expect such relentless rubbish from a fine actor like him and that remains the most disappointing bit of the film.

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  1. ONE BY TWO:
    Some ‘Khushfahemiyaan’ result in ‘Galatfehmiyaan’! This is one of those! [1.5/5]

    Go for any ‘picture perfect’ picturesque postcard of your preferred dream-destination and try to imagine looking at it for longer period of time [Precisely 2 hour and 19 minutes in this case] and no matter how strongly you wanted to be at that place, you will end up falling in the fear of loathing it with tremendous boredom. Screenplay writer Devika Bhagat’s début directorial venture ONE BY TWO is that very beautiful montage of tranquil but lifeless frames that doesn’t decide to move at all and stands still till you decide to walk away.

    ONE BY TWO is an urban rom-com about 2 individuals, best described as ‘clichéd fools’, sharing monotonous boring lives of same intensity in its own. Amit Sharma, played by Abhay Deol is stuck in his life-cubicle with a couple of vigorously influential friends, overtly affectionate mother, a totally ‘deserved to be overlooked’ father and his soon-to be-an ‘Ex’ girlfriend. On the other, Samara Patel [Abhay’s real life love-interest Preeti Desai] is torn between an alcoholic divorcee mother and her sky high ambitions to rock the stage in a dance-reality show. Now, there is nothing in the story that could show off a ‘New & Fresh’ tag to it. You have seen it all in more than few romantic comedies on Indian screen.

    Though the approached manner of filmmaking smells spanking new with less dramatic situations, concisely crisp dialogues straight from the horse’s mouth with flavors being genuine, real and almost unwritten but in a way, it is too simple, ordinary and pathetically slow-paced to be entertained. Film does have enjoyable moments, by and large with Abhay Deol being the person in charge but not sufficient in numbers. Watch him playing the popular ‘Nirma’ jingle on guitar in desperate times after his break-up. In other, he performs on ‘I am Pakao’ed´ in his boxers when his potential in-laws come to approve him of being an elegible son-in-law.

    With sharp hands on editing beautifully amalgamated with promising narrative pattern, skilled cinematography and neat-clean-classy art direction, film paints scenic frames on screen but not without a long-list of ‘ifs & buts’. Story rejects to move ahead. Situations are dragged and absolute run-of-the mill. Leave the impeccably adorable and talented Abhay aside and the ‘known for it’ performers [Rati Agnihotri, Jayant Kriplani, Lillete Dubey, Darshan Jariwala] ham like there’s no tomorrow. Preeti Desai looks good on screen, is confident but that doesn’t get translated much on screen when it comes to acting. Pace is killing. Length is drastically stretched.

    On the whole, Devika Bhagat’s ONE BY TWO is not bad because it is bad but worse because it ruins the option and opportunity to redefine the ‘not much explored’ genre of ‘easy-on the head’ urban romantic comedy sliced from the lives of cool, carefree & casual generation of today’s times. Would it not have located its base on the clichés, it could have been much better. Samara Patel enforces in the film, “I don’t believe in fairytales. Real life is better”, I wish Devika had taken it seriously while putting it all on the paper. Some ‘Khushfahemiyaan’ result in ‘Galatfehmiyaan’. You don’t get mislead. [1.5/5]

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh first day collection only 5 lacs

  3. Not only five lac it is approx. 50 lacs

  4. i don,t care 5 lacs or 50 lacs at least its a flop

  5. this movie is bullshit

  6. You Should include reviews by Martin Dsouza from Glamsham.com

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