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Dhoom 3 vs Chennai Express Box Office Day Wise Collections

Dhoom 3 vs Chennai Express Box Office Day Wise Collections

Movie Summary
Dhoom 3

Chennai Express
 Budget +P&ARs 150 CroreRs 130 Crore 
 Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Producer Figure )Rs 533.56 Crore*Rs 422 Crore 
 Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Trade Figure)Rs 502.67 Crore* (Hindi)Rs 395 Crore 
 Lifetime Producer figure India (All languages)284.27 Crore* Rs 227.13 Crore 
 Lifetime Trade figure  India 274.85 Crore* Rs 208.44 Crore 
  Lifetime Overseas$ 26.64 Mn* $ 19  Mn
  First Week
(Producer Figure)
178.97 Crore (Hindi) 156.7 Crore
  First Week
(Trade Figure)
171.41 Crore ( Hindi) 146.15 Crore 
  First Weekend
(Producer Figure)
107.61 Crore 100.42 Crore
  First Weekend
 (Trade Figure)
94.96 Crore ( Hindi) 92 Crore 
Daywise Summary India (Producer Figure)Dhoom 3 ( All languages)Chennai Express( Hindi)
Paid PreviewsNot ApplicableRs 6.75 Crore
Day 1Rs  36.22 CroreRs 33.12 Crore
Day 2Rs  33.36 CroreRs 28.05 Crore
Day 3Rs 38.03 Crore Rs 32.5 Crore
Day 4Rs 21.71 Crore Rs 12.62 Crore
Day 5Rs 20.14 CroreRs 11.5 Crore
Day 6Rs 25.52 CroreRs 12.56 Crore
Day 7Rs 14.01 CroreRs 19.6 Crore
Day 8Rs 10.1 CroreRs 6.5 Crore
Day 9Rs 12.04 CroreRs 8.51 Crore
Day 10Rs 16.71 CroreRs 10.22 Crore
Day 11Rs 6.83 CroreRs 3.8 Crore
Day 12Rs 7.26 CroreRs 7.06 Crore
Day 13Rs 10.78 CroreRs 4.51 Crore
Day 14Rs 4.61 CroreRs 3.25 Crore
Day 15Rs 3.14 CroreRs 2.12 Crore
Day 16Rs 4.02 CroreRs 3.61 Crore
Day 17Rs 5.75 CroreRs 4.75 Crore
Day 18 to End of RunRs 14.05 CroreRs 16.1 Crore
TotalRs 284.27 Crore*Rs 227.13 Crore
Daywise Summary India (Trade Figure)Dhoom 3 ( All Languages)Chennai Express( Hindi)
Paid PreviewsNot ApplicableRs 6 Crore
Day 1Rs  33.53 CroreRs 30.48 Crore
Day 2Rs  31.5 CroreRs 26.43 Crore
Day 3Rs 36.93 Crore Rs 30.32 Crore
Day 4Rs 20.3 Crore Rs 12.1 Crore
Day 5Rs 19.91 CroreRs 11.1 Crore
Day 6Rs 24.91 CroreRs 11.7 Crore
Day 7Rs 14.54 CroreRs 19.25 Crore
Day 8Rs 10.31 CroreRs 5.8 Crore
Day 9Rs 11.94 CroreRs 7.7 Crore
Day 10Rs 16.61 CroreRs 9.9 Crore
Day 11Rs 6.2 CroreRs 3.6 Crore
Day 12Rs 7.17 CroreRs 6.2 Crore
Day 13Rs 10.88 CroreRs 4.3 Crore
Day 14Rs 4.58 CroreRs 3.25 Crore
Day 15Rs 3.14 CroreRs 2 Crore
Day 16Rs 3.95 CroreRs 1.8 Crore
Day 17Rs 5.32 CroreRs 1.7 Crore
Day 18 to End of RunRs 13.32 CroreRs 17.01 Crore
TotalRs 274.85 Crore*Rs 208.44 Crore

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

Producer Figure:  Official Figures given out by  producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade figure.

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  1. Dhoom made it cuz it was in all languages… otherwise chennai express was a better film

  2. srk is most popular actor of world
    I respect him because he raise on his on, but salman and aamir not as they
    already had relatives in this field.
    so fuck you all srk haters.

    • He gave his ass to KJ, who helped him rise and shine like a gay in bollywood…amir and sallu are real men

  3. Dhoom 3 k liye aamir khan perfect guy tha kyunki circus m short height log hi hote h

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