Mirchi Telugu Movie Review

Mirchi Rating: 2.85/5

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Mirchi Telugu Movie Review

Ratings:2.5/5  Review By: Karthik Pasupulate  Site:Times of India (TOI)

The hero is supreme after all and that much this film manages to accomplish, kudos to the filmmakers. The narrative seems like a mish mash of films like Mr Perfect, Brindavanam, Shankam, Dhammu to name a few. The punch dialogues – ‘Cutout choosi konni konni oppukovali dude’, ‘Veelaithe preminchu..maha aithe tirigi premistharu’, ‘katti vaadadam modaledithe…naakantey baaga evvadu vaadaledu’- though few and far in between provide something for the fans to dig in to. The rest we’re afraid will have to find other redeeming aspects of the film for themselves. The action episodes are well shot though and needless to say Prabhas crunches them. Tip-Off: Watch it for Prabhas, for there isn’t much of anything else that this movie has to offer, besides extreme close-ups of Richa’s waistline.

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Ratings:3.25/5  Review By: Jeevi  Site: Idlebrain

First half of Mirchi is decent. Flashback episode which occupies 80% of second half is good. Climax could have been better. The plus points of the film are Prabhas, music and all-round orientation. The director has balanced the entire film between family episodes and action sequences. On the flip side, violence should have been toned down and story should have been fresh. Mirchi is a film that is made to do a commercial hit. Prabhas entertains with Mirchi and director does a decent work. On a whole, Mirchi has all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler.

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Ratings:2.5/5  Review By: Radhika Rajamani  Site: Rediff

Koratala Siva in his debut Telugu film Mirchi, has ensured a mix of action, romance, songs and a bit of comedy to create a commercial venture totally revolving around the hero Prabhas. Siva uses the age-old theme of factional rivalry which has been done to death on celluloid and borrows elements from other films, imparting a feeling of déjà vu among viewers. Mirchi is high on action and loaded with high-voltage violence. The story, too, is familiar with two women vying for one male. on the whole Mirchi is a regular potboiler with high-voltage action.

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Ratings:3/5  Review By: Cheruku Raja  Site: APHerald

While claiming movie as stylish entertainer… Koratla Siva picked a old-formulatic -story with mass family faction backdrop. Which is all about rivalry between two groups and lead from one group taking initiative to eradicate the rivalries between these groups and bring peace. On top of picking a regular story, Siva injected Youth, Comedy, Mass, Family Sentiment, Romance elements to cater something for every segment audience… and tried to make it pakka commercial flick. This took away the much deserved depth & seriousness of this genre films. But his screenplay, followed with few heart touching scenes and the visual treat with songs saved the flick to be one time watch. Had the pre-climax and climax provided bit of support… movie should have made into Must-Watch category, but director dropping ball there leave the film to be one time watch.

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Ratings:3/5  Review By: Venkat  Site:Great Andhra

The film takes off on a usual note with some songs, action and romance but it is not till the interval bang that the momentum picks up. The second half has the plot and the required melodrama with some interesting moments. Watch out for the action sequence during Prabhas’s wedding scene. Another strength to the film has been the background score but it was sore feeling to see the title song cut short. Overall, the film might suffice Prabhas fans and the routine audience but to those who go with expectations it may not satisfy. At the box office, the openings will be very strong. Had the comedy part was strong, it would have scored much better.

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