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Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises Review

Dark Knight Rises Rating: 3.77/5

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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand  Site:CNN IBN (IBNLIve)

Although the film’s multiple storylines do get tangled up at times, and despite some messy plot holes, it’s unfair not to credit Nolan with once again giving us a blockbuster with smarts. The Dark Knight Rises is a satisfying, accomplished film packed with little twists and surprising cameos. It doesn’t deliver the emotional wallop of The Dark Knight , but it’s a respectable finale to a much-loved trilogy.I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a spectacle of high standards; just don’t set your expectations sky high, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Raja Sen  Site:Rediff

The Dark Knight Rises flirts with potentially fantastic ideas, but shies away from taking them to the next level.A lot of this one is too coldly efficient to be spontaneously joyous. It does have its moments, of course. Mega moments of jawdropping wonder and finely-tuned cinematic circusry. Despite taking himself — and his version of the character — far, far too gravely, Christopher Nolan gives us a sloppy double-decked hamburger of a film, with too much meat to fit one burger right, but a treat without question for those already in love with the Batman. A meal, then, for the cinematic 99%. If only he hadn’t made the rest of us expect steak.

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Ratings:5/5 Reviewer:Anupama Chopra Site:Star World

The Dark Knight Rises is a magnificent film. And I’m not using that word casually. Christopher Nolan has created a dark, genuinely frightening, grand finale to his Batman trilogy. In his hands, the comic book material becomes something else – a thing of horror and beauty and epic scale. I don’t remember the last time I felt so many emotions in one movie. I cried, clapped with delight, got goose bumps and yes, there were even snatches of boredom.Actually I just wanted to turn around and go back to watch it again. The Dark Knight Rises is spectacular cinema. Go get a ticket now.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Rashid Irani Site:Hindustan Times

The third and reportedly final part in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise offers what one has come to expect from the revamped series: a full-on pop-culture spectacle, awe-inspiring set pieces and loads of techno razzle-dazzle.Even so, we are ultimately left with the feeling that The Dark Knight Rises falls short of its potential.Pitched at a hectic pace, maverick British filmmaker Nolan, whose credits include Memento (2001) and Inception (2010) directs the action interludes with astonishing proficiency. The Bat-brigade as well as Christopher Nolan zealots will doubtless go batty over The Dark Knight Rises.

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Allen O Brien  Site:Times of India

This is your last chance to hoot, whistle, clap, scream… and do everything possible to cheer for your iconic super hero who makes a final appearance in this epic conclusive part of Hollywood’s greatest triology of the 21st Century. Now for the action: Unlimited. The background score: Heart thumping. The special effects: Well, the magic of the Batmobile and the batty antics — flying, and all that — is still heart-stopping. But it is The End – all that super bang-bang stuff and the surprise! surprise! element that forces you to get back to doing all that you did when this movie began — hoot, whistle, clap, scream… and do everything possible to cheer! So Just Go and Do (read Watch) it!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Daniel Pinto  Site:DNA

Dark Knight Rises mounts like a tidal wave, albeit ponderously in places, to sweep you completely away. Nolan uses Gotham City as his largest-ever canvas, turning it into a stark portrait of despair and desolation as Bane unleashes a mad reign. A story-heavy film borrowing quite a bit from the Knightfall storyline and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, it isn’t wanting in visual pyrotechnics and the Hans Zimmer’s score is uplifting and, in one memorable scene, even cathartic.The Dark Knight Rises is a film that not only raises the Dark Knight but the also the stakes. Bleaker and bigger, it was well worth the wait.

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Ratings:4/5 Reviewer:Roshni Devi  Site:Koimoi

What’s Good?: The direction; the splendid music; the characters. What’s Bad?: The uninitiated may not enjoy it that much; the story can get overwhelming at times.Verdict: The final installment in the Batman trilogy lives up to its legacy. Watch or Not?: Don’t miss this brilliant finale of Batman!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Shalini Langer Site:Indian Express

IT’S tempting to read a sign of the times in superhero movies where good always, always does triumph over evil. It’s especially tempting to do so in the case of Batman, a conflicted superhero who is really an ordinary human with no real superpowers except dedicated co-workers and scientists, an ability to slip into a figure-clenching leather suit and the fearlessness to look staring down at Gotham city perched dangerously on the tallest tower available. In Nolan’s hands, he has also developed self-seriousness and doubt, adding a welcome layer to the comic-book enterprise.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Manhola Dargis  Site:New York Times

After seven years and two films that have pushed Batman ever deeper into the dark, the director Christopher Nolan has completed his postmodern, post-Sept. 11 epic of ambivalent good versus multidimensional evil with a burst of light. As the title promises, day breaks in “The Dark Knight Rises,” the grave and satisfying finish to Mr. Nolan’s operatic bat-trilogy. He also, it may be a relief to know, wants to entertain you. He does, for the most part effortlessly, in a Dark Knight saga that is at once lighter and darker than its antecedents. It’s also believable and preposterous, effective as a closing chapter and somewhat of a letdown if only because Mr. Nolan, who continues to refine his cinematic technique, hasn’t surmounted “The Dark Knight” or coaxed forth another performance as mesmerizingly vital as Heath Ledger’s Joker in that film.

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