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Overall Rating: 1.6/5

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Ratings:1/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand  Site:IBNLive

Mr Singh / Mrs Mehta’ doesn’t have a shred of artistic merit. The film is tackily shot and feels as if the director had no idea how to go forward with his threadbare plot. Ashwin and Neera yak on and on about how they fell in love with their spouses, until you want to throw up your hands and yell, “Who cares?” What’s infinitely worse is the dreadful acting.This film might have worked as soft-core porn, but alas it doesn’t even engage on that level. I’m going with one out of five for director Pravesh Bharadwaj’s ‘Mr Singh / Mrs Mehta’. That’s two hours of my life I’m never getting back. Word of advice to everyone involved: if you’re going to take your clothes off on screen, don’t forget the body make-up!

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia 

Considering that Bollywood has so few adult films to offer, this one’s a rare experience. And the fact that it is dealt with a degree of understatement and maturity, with a great music score (Ustad Shujat Hussain Khan and Sharang Dev) to translate the emotional quotient on to the screen, makes it a decent watch. The duo begin as the victimised twosome, but soon the lines begin to interestingly blur. Who exactly is the fall guy — and girl — in this complicated foursome? More importantly, who is cheating and who is being cheated upon in this film which actually isn’t about Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta. It’s about Mrs Singh and Mr Mehta who play the game of infidelity with a degree of artistry and subterfuge, adding some strange twists and turns to what would otherwise have ended up as a predictable tale about dangerous liaisons. Don’t go asking for too much and you won’t end up disappointed. The film is a refreshing walk off the beaten Bollywood track and scores on its minimalist approach to matrimonial discord.

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Ratings:0.5/5 Reviewer:Komal Nahata Site:KoiMoi

The film, written by Pravesh Bhardwaj, not only has an unusual story but also quite a weird one in which the most unlikely thing happens – two persons, unhappy with the knowledge that their spouses are having an affair between themselves, also end up having an affair! It is quite a ridiculous thought that a lady and a man, who are both reeling under shock and disbelief and are shattered by the actions of their spouses, would end up committing the same mistake as their better halves.Pravesh Bhardwaj’s direction is hardly any better than his uni-dimensional script. The narrative pace is excruciatingly slow and makes the film seem like it is made for the festival circuit. Shujaat Hussain Khan and Sharang Dev’s music is good but extremely class-appealing. Amitabh Varma’s lyrics are weighty. Mahendra Pradhan’s cinematography is quite nice.

On the whole, Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta is too dull and dry to make any impact. To add to its tale of woes is its horrifyingly weak promotion. A box-office disaster!

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 Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Gaurav Malani Site:Indiatimes

Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta is the title of the film though incongruously the lead protagonists happen to be Mr. Mehta and Mrs. Singh. First-timer Pravesh Bhardwaj’s direction keeps you as much puzzled as much as the intentional inversion in his film’s title. With a painter protagonist going through artistic block, snail-paced tempo, self-styled aesthetic female nudity, circumstantially complicated human relationships and a climax so symbolic and subtle that you never comprehend when the end credits roll, Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta meets all the requisite criteria of the alleged art-house cinema. Nothing wrong about it other than the fact that though the film expectedly runs out of entertainment, this one also fails to enlighten or even emotionally touch, move or bind you. Sadly, both the artist and the muse fail to amuse in this colourless cinema.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Preeti Arora Site:Rediff

Pravesh Bhardwaj’s film Mr Singh Mrs Mehta comes as a bit of a surprise. Despite its many flaws the film steers clear from making any moral judgements. Where the film really suffers and unfortunately so does the audience is the pace. Motifs of art house cinema — the cigarette — being rolled unhurriedly, the smoke curling into the air have been repeated through the film and it gets tedious to watch.But there are some redeeming features to the film too. Apparently MSMM has been shot in Wales and the locations are interesting. Prashant Narayan delivers an effective performance as the timid husband who is aware of his wife’s infidelities but is unable to confront her. Instead of laughing at him, the audience feels a tremendous empathy.

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