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Largo Winch II: Burma Conspiracy Review

Largo Winch II: Burma Conspiracy Rating:  2.5/5

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Largo Winch II: Burma Conspiracy Movie Review

Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India

A sequel to the 2008 version – and based on the famous Belgian comic book character — Largo Winch is the new age biz tycoon with a heart. He is all set to give up his inherited global business empire worth billions after his dad, Neiro (Miki Manojlovic), is brutally murdered. But before that he has to set facts right with Diane Francken who accuses him of massacre of a Burmese village. Cut to flashback. Largo’s seen doing in Burma what the Burmese do, right from learning the art of Burmese medication to falling in love with Napakpapha. That’s when you realise the one is question is the victim of some major Burma conspiracy. And that’s just when the plot loses its track. The outcome: You lose interest in the confusing conspiracy, courtesy too many characters, twist and turns, unexplained motives

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