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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collection Crosses 1275 Crores on China

Dangal  Worldwide & China Box Office Collection 

Dangal  19th Day Box Office Collection (Third Tuesday) Worldwide
Dangal is at 1275 Crore gross Producer Figure after its 15th day in China with data still to update completely.

On its 15th day it has 5.97 mil. USD [Rs. 38.48 crore ]  in China.

Overall China: $84.45  Million or  Rs 544.91 Crore


Aaamir Khan's Dangal has went on to become a blockbuster success in China and on the basis of China collections it has become second indian movie after Baahubali 2 to cross 1000 Crores worldwide.

While Baahubali 2 has shown up the India market strength as it has crossed 1000 Crores in India itself Dangal has shown strength in overseas markets especially China.

Baahubali 2 has crossed 1300 Crore but has slowed down in overseas.

In China there is no Indian diaspora unlike USA or Canada so Dangal's strength and the fact that it beat big Hollywood blockbuster Guardians of Galaxy 2 and all chinese movies to top China Box Office is amazing.

In China the highest grossing Indian movie before this was PK and Aamir Khan is the most popular Indian actore. Most of other Indian movies failed to perform there including Bahubaali's first part.

Dangal has done this as the theme of female empowerment has stuck  chord in China which has a male dominated society similar to India.

Dangal is rated very highly on Chinese websites

Dangal Worldwide Box Office Collections.

1234 Crore gross  All Versions after Day 14 in China.

511 Crore gross in India.

723 Crore gross overseas.

Dangal Overseas Box Office Collections.

$110 Million  or Rs  723 Crore gross overseas.

Dangal is all time no 1 on highest grossing movie overseas

Dangal China Box Office Collections.

$78.39 Million or  Rs 507.34 Crore 

 Day 1 – 2.27 mil. USD [Rs. 14.67 cr.] with 5,47,366 admissions.

 Day 2 – 4.69 mil. USD [Rs. 30.30 cr.] with 10,83,394 admissions.

 Day 3 – 5.55 mil. USD [Rs. 35.86 cr.] with 12,68,590 admissions

 Day 4 – 5.78 mil. USD [Rs. 37.23 cr.] with 13,57,954 admissions.

 Day 5 – 3.52 mil USD [Rs. 22.74 cr.] with 807,985 admissions.

 Day 6 – 3.88 mil. USD [Rs. 21.94 cr.] with 734,855 admissions.

 Day 7 – 3.90 mil. USD [Rs. 25.08 cr.] with 893,474 admissions.

 Day 8 – 6.21 mil. USD [Rs. 39.66 cr.] with 13,97,843 admissions.

 Day 9 – 13.86 mil. USD [Rs. 88.94 cr.] with 30,99,003 admissions.

  Day 10– 12.72 mil. USD [Rs. 81.46 crore.] with 24,60,541 admissions.

 Day 11 – 5.01 mil. USD [Rs. 32.46 cr.] with 11,18,187 admissions.

Day 12 – 4.7  mil. USD [Rs. 30.44 cr.] with 21,17,166 admissions.

Day 13 – 4.2 mil. USD [Rs. 26.90 cr.] with 942,444 admissions.

Day 14- 3.75 mil. USD [Rs. 24.3 cr.] with 844,217 admissions.

Day 15- 5.99 mil. USD [Rs. 38.61 cr.] with 13,54,352 admissions. 

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Dangal  Worldwide Box Office Collection Crosses 1275 Crores on China
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  1. Dangal is an Awesome Movie, and So is Aamir Khan and all the cast and crew of the film, script, director and all.
    Best for Luck for the Future.
    Eagerly waiting for Aamir Khan's upcoming movie Thugs. It will be another record breaking, potentially. Hopefully, the director should do Justice.

    1. But Baahubali 2 are awesome

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  5. bahubali good movie

  6. in india 386 cr(Dangal ) ... in chaina 400 cr(Dangal ) ...bhahubali first indian movie will cross soon 1500 cr

  7. Its fake shit . 900 crore was dead ened for danggal. Now they showing more n more coz they got humiliated by bahubali 2

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    Yese main kabhi hall jata nahi
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