Baahubali 2 The Conclusion 22nd Day (Fourth Friday) Box Office Collection: 1500 Crore Worldwide

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion 22nd Day (Fourth Friday) Box Office Collection

Baahubali 2 The Conclusion 18th  Day (Third Monday) Box Office Collection

Baahubali 2 on its 22nd day continued to get great collections  though it was lower than Half girlfriend

Day 22:
4 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Total Hindi Only
443 Crore nett  Trade Figure
460 Crore  nett  Producer Figure as shared by Dharma Productions

$41.85 Million or Rs 272 Crore

1500 Crore  gross all languages worldwide as claimed by Dharma Productions

Total Hindi Gross India
638.89 Crore gross Producer Figure for 21 days

Total All languages Nett India
901 Crore nett Producer estimates  for 19 days

Baahubali 2 is first movie to ever cross 900 Crores nett in India

Nett Breakup 19 Days:
444.5 Crore nett Hindi version Producer Figure
242 Crore nett Andhra/ Telangana Producer Figure
88 Crore nett Tamil Nadu Producer Figure
46 Crore nett Kerala Producer Figure
72 Crore nett Karnataka Producer Figure
9 Crore nett dubbed version collections from rest of India ( hindi belt)

Gross Breakup 18 Days:
616 Crore gross Hindi version Producer Figure
255 Crore gross Andhra/ Telangana Producer Figure
107 Crore gross Tamil Nadu Producer Figure
55 Crore gross Kerala Producer Figure
96 Crore gross Karnataka Producer Figure
256 Crore gross Overseas Producer Figure

Baahubali 2’s Hndi version totals are higher than that of other languages with hindi version gross alone being 600 Crores now in India.

Third Weekend:
42 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi
$40.3 Million or Rs 259 Crore

$38 Million in 2 weeks

$31.15 Million + or Rs 200 Crore gross for 10 days

This makes Baahubali 2 no 3 in all time highest grossing movies overseas from India list behind only PK and Dangal


In  India Baahubali 2 all languages total is no 1 on highest grossing movie In India list

Baahubali 2 is no 1 on all time highest grossing Indian movies worldwide list if you take all languages total

Note: Across Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam First day is highest and than numbers decrease because of addition of full run numbers in B and C centers to first day so the drop in southern languages is along expected lines.

Daywise breakup

Day 21:
6 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi
6.05 Crore  nett  Producer Figure
Day 18:

7.75 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Day 17:

17.75 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi
17.75 Crore nett  Producer Figure Hindi

Day 16 Estimates:

14.5 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Day 15:

9.75 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Day 13:
12 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Day 12:
14 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi

Day 10 estimates:
33 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi
34.5 Crore nett  Producer Figure Hindi

Day 9 estimates:
25 Crore nett Trade Figure Hindi
25 Crore nett Producer Figure Hindi
Day 8 estimates:
19.75 Crore nett Trade Figure
19.75 Crore nett Producer figure

35-45 Crore  estimates for all languages
22 Crore +  nett estimates Trade Figure Hindi

51 Crore estimates for all languages
30 Crore nett in Hindi Trade Figure

Second Day Figure( Revised)
82 Crore nett approx All Languages ( Producer estimates)
40 Crore nett Producer Figure hindi
38.5 Crore  nett Trade Figure Hindi

First Day ( All Languages)
126 Crore nett All India Producer Figure as shared by Karan Johar and Dharma Productions

41 Crore nett  Producer Figure as shared by Karan Johar and Dharma Productions

Baahubali 2 Budget

Baahubali  both parts were  made on a combined budget of Rs 250 Crores all inclusive as shared by the producers.

Producers have also mentioned that they didn’t made any money on the first part and will actually make money only from second part release

Baahubali 2 Pre release Business

Baahubali 2 has supposedly done Rs 500 Crore worth of pre release business which is what s heard in trade.

This is the breakup with the amount of money paid being dependent on a box office performance clause

120-125 Crore for Telugu version across Andhra and Telangana
85-90 Crores for  all versions across Southern States
75-80 Crores for Hindi version by Dharma Productions
USA Rights: 35-40 Crores for ( Hindi + tamil + telugu)
Rest of the World: 15-20 Crores
Hindi + Tamil + Telugu Satelitte Rights: 110 Crores with 55 Crores coming just for hindi version picked up by Sony 

Multiple other deals takes the total to Rs 500 Crores.

Baahubali 2 Hit or Flop

Baahubali 2 Needs to cross 100 Crores to be called a hit for hindi version for Dharma. For Other versions  Baahubali 2 has to individually cover the costs paid.

Baahubali 2 Screens

Baahubali 2 is releasing in around 6500 screens pan India almost 90% of all Indian screens across languages are showcasing Baahubali.

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