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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Madras Cafe Review

Madras Cafe  Rating: 3.5/5

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Madras Cafe Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:Masand's Verdict ( CNN IBN - IBNLive)
Solidly directed by Sircar, who steers clear of typical Bollywood machismo and avoids oversimplifying characters or their motives, the film – at a little over two hours – is a compelling watch. I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for Madras Café. Until the climate is more conducive for filmmakers to boldly make real-life stories without fear of controversy or censorship, this may be the best way to approach important stories that must be told.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama
Final word? MADRAS CAFE is one of the finest thrillers to come out of India. No two opinions on that! On the whole, MADRAS CAFE is an earnest and honest effort, a terrific thriller, with several poignant moments and episodes that leave a stunning impact. It's a film that you should watch because it gives you an insight into an exceptionally pertinent episode of history. If you are in the frame of mind to watch superior quality, sensible cinema, I would strongly recommend MADRAS CAFE to you. Try not to miss it!
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Front Row (Hindustan Times)
Watching Madras Cafe is both frustrating and satisfying. The thriller based against the backdrop of the Sri Lankan Civil War is, in equal parts, muddled and moving. There are sequences of power and eloquence. And passages in the first half, that had me so confused that I couldn’t figure out who was chasing whom. And yet, Madras Cafe works as an effective portrait of the futility of war. Shoojit and his writers, Shubhendu Bhattacharya and Somnath Dey, ably illustrate why there are no winners here. I’m going with three stars and recommending that you see it.
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Ratings:-- Review By: Komal Nahta Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business
Connoisseurs of good cinema will relish what they see on the screen but the large base of mass audience will not really approve of the drama. On the whole, Madras Cafe is a class-appealing film which will do well in the high-end multiplexes of big cities mainly. Its performance in the single-screen cinemas and ordinary multiplexes, frequented by masses, will be below the mark. Given its cost, the film will see those associated with it in the red.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Srijana Mitra Das Site:Times Of India (TOI)
Political, tense, finally explosive, Madras Cafe is no picnic in the neighborhood park. Madras Cafe's true star is its story which builds up to an agonizing end. It brings to life the Lankan war which many viewers were too young to have known. It highlights India's ambiguous role, moving sensitively, taking no sides. Its second half grows more fraught and taut, conspiracies and compulsions becoming clearer. Madras Cafe deserves an extra half-star for guts, going for the gunpowder - but with a restrained hand. Note: If you like typical Hindi movie masala, unrealistic action or melodrama, this movie is not for you.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Karan Anshuman Site:Mumbai Mirror
Even though the film ever-so-slightly under-delivers, we should be blessed that it got made at all. There is outrage from the strangest nooks of the country over flimsiest of issues in our films, and Abraham and Sircar would've been well aware of what they're embarking on. But this charged political thriller, despite its flaws, is a leap in the right direction - away from that other "Madras"-titled film and its ilk - that deserves our support. If nothing else, it'll give you an acute insight and a timely reminder of the turmoil our neighbors went through and our country's confounding contribution to the matter.
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff
At its running time of two hours, ten minutes, Shoojit Sircar’s Madras Cafe is a swift, smart and serious study of an inglorious chapter of political history. It doesn’t take names but doesn’t hold back either. Even if it packs in classic stereotypes of this genre and the climax is something we all know and vividly remember, the horridness of it continues to startle.After experiencing back-to-back idiocy on big screen, it’s refreshing to return to the theatres for a film that expects you to be educated, informed and attentive. Give it a chance, Madras Cafe deserves an audience.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Saibal Chaterjee Site:NDTV
Madras Cafe is a sinewy and riveting espionage thriller that entertains without having to play to the gallery.Madras Cafe stands apart from run-of-the-mill smack-downs because it does not celebrate vacuous militaristic machismo. Madras Cafe is not your average Bollywood thriller. It crackles with genuine energy and is marked by true empathy for humanity. It is an unqualified triumph.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express
For the most part, I enjoyed Madras Café.In trying to keep it fast-moving, the film turns choppy and confusing in parts. Also, a few of the characters are a tad comic book-y, matching the ludicrousness of some dialogues. The high-flying journalist helping the hero bit feels contrived. But it is so rare to find a director and producer-cum-lead -actor committed to making films that are willing to deal with real-life events — Rajiv Gandhi's assassination changed India's tracks in ways we are still dealing with — and say it in a manner that keeps you fairly engaged, that I'd say Madras Café isn't half bad, even if it could have been better.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Sarita Tanwar Site:DNA
The film bristles with the raw, unnerving textures of a battlefield documentary. What is impressive is the film's cool restraint. Not once does it attempt to sensationalize, sermonize or take sides. It merely states facts and tackles the subject head-on. Not many would relate/connect to the story. It is a story that is important but no an war that isn't fresh in international memory, The first half could have been tighter and more engaging.
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Ratings:-- Review By: Sneha May Francis Site:Emirates24By7
This could be a first for any Bollywood director. To successfully abandon over-the-top Bollywood clichés and staple musical sojourns to create an action drama that’s incredibly taut, gritty, thought-provoking, engaging and realistic. And achieving it all, without ever tiring the audience. Madras Café’ rewards us with a story that refuses to bow-down to Bollywood stereotypes and traditional narrative, and remains true to what it promises to capture. Truly a first for Bollywood, and hopefully, not the last.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
 What’s Bad: There is no commercialism, which has been smartly avoided so as to not dilute the subject matter. Watch or Not?: Shoojit Sircar and John Abraham have teamed up again to come up with one of India’s most bold and matured political thrillers! Designed with a deep rooted sense of urgency, the film builds an overwhelming tale around the darkest phase of the Lankan Civil War that marshal to conclude with a rushing end which we are all familiar with. In between the flashbacks and conspiracies, Madras Café is a film with a gritty, convincing and engrossing plot that will revel in its ability to leave you with an uneasy and helpless feeling!
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Aparna Mudi Site:Zee News
Despite small flaws, ‘Madras Cafe’ is a definite step forward for Bollywood, as the genre has not been worked with before. The movie works in various ways depicting human suffering for the lack of political empathy. It also strides ahead in terms of serious drama without the melodrama that Indian audiences are used to. ‘Madras Cafe’ is a must watch for those tired of hackneyed plots and over the top nonsensical dialogues and want more of powerful and impactful cinema on screen.
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  1. Nice Note from TOI : If you like typical Hindi movie masala, unrealistic action or melodrama, this movie is not for you.

  2. Chennai express may stop still Madras cafe run

    1. Not possible. Chennai Express is a stupid film, and Madras Express is a very intelligently made film.

    2. and that is exactly why Chennai Express will stop Madras Cafe run!

    3. abe tere baap ne banai hai chennai express jo itni side le rha hai...

    4. @Anonymous August 24, 2013 at 12:21 AM, iska matlab jis film ki side tu lega, uske directors tere baap hai...

    5. Chennai Express is CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT at big ticket prices! SRK - your time to retire now!!

  3. hats off to john abraham for producing such good issue based film.all the worthless khans & kapoors & kumar should take lesson from john abraham. though film may not earn much but madras cafe will be remembered in history.ce & outaimd have already been forgotten.all senior a+ actors should stop shitting on silver screen. the idiots should learn from john.

    1. Well said friend

    2. bilkul sahi kaha. john has always done better films like force ,7khoon maaf ,new york, water, taxi no 9211 ,kabul express,no smoking etc. he has done much sensible & content based films. john is much better than srgay & lallu.

    3. Because people dont come to see johns acting skill as he has none so something has to make them stop from going out of the hall !!! he is totally dependent on the script and his costars like vidyut jamwal,nana ,paresh etc etc !!!

    4. well said... hats off to john abraham for such maturity and guts which take us to the international platforms. but i would like to mention dat the director shoojit sarcar has shown the metal of direction present in the indian cinema as well......

    5. John is not a good actor and cannot carry a complete movie on his shoulders. He should come in side roles or just stick to production.

  4. Those who dint liked food at CE can enjoy @ madras cafe..
    Hoping for another good movie after BMB..

  5. A high crtic score means picture is gonna flop

  6. Such.high voltage drama doesn't India however nice they are
    On top of that madras cafe is banned at.most f the places

    Lets see how does this come out
    With flying colors or gets blackened

    I m off to madras cafe first day first show

  7. john has always done better films like force ,7khoon maaf ,new york, water, taxi no 9211 ,kabul express,no smoking etc. he has done much sensible & content based films. john is much better than srgay & lallu.

    1. Because people dont come to see johns acting skill as he has none so something has to make them stop from going out of the hall !!! he is totally dependent on the script and his costars like paresh rawal ,nana patekar,vidyut jamwal etc etc !!!

  8. Madras Cafe movie review Ratings 4/5 read more

  9. Well after all the mindless craps this month, which tortured the genuine movie lovers,, here comes a bold movie that every genuine movie fan quests for. After ce and ouatimd I really questioned myself is this where bollywood has got into, are these movies really the future of indian cinemas, is it all about 100 crores and how many times will such kimd of movie torture us, but after watching madras cafe it answered all my queries. Finally a sigh of relief from what had been a regretfull journey from chennai to mumbai and thank god I visited this cafe. Hats off to john and soochit for taking such a bold step and bringing us a treat and showing some of the dir and producers that bollywood has the potential to think beyond 100 crores and to impress movie lovers.if u are a fan of movies then dont miss this chance of being proud of hindi cinemas.

  10. Madras Cafe : Ratings 3.7* , Length:2 hrs 10 mins
    Book tickets for this masterpiece sensible movie after BMB, Dnt go for this if you like movies like Chennai Express.. Madras cafe will impact your mind to think a lot.

  11. I would say, you must watch this movie at least once. check out Madras Cafe reviews at

  12. Komal Nahta said it the best amongst all the reviews

  13. This Movie can never be compared with a Stupid Film " Chennai Express".
    Its A Cinemagic

    1. Use your sense of humour bro, you yourself are stupid, because you are naming CE in Madras Cafe's thread.
      Nobody in media are saying that CE has competition with Madras Cafe.
      If you were not stupid then you would have mentioned other thriller movie of the year i.e. D-Day

  14. Lalat hai hum Indians pe agar ye film flop ho gayi to. Sachme kya ho gaya hai India ki public ko CE 100 cr karti hai 3 din mein, ye film 100 nahi 200cr deserve karti hai. Par hum sab jante hai ki ye munaasib nahi hai.Lekin agar ye flop ho gayi to kaise producer/directors actors ko motivation milega ki aur aise Filmein banaye.

    1. Adding on to what I said above,
      Hollywood mein aisi Filmein Oscars le jaati hai Argo for e.g. lekin hum logo ki sui Saif, SRK jaiso ki ch*tiy& filmon mein hi atki rehti hai...

    2. Sabse pehle to CE ki baat yahaan kyu kar raha hai?
      Dusri baat, Salman, Aamir, Akshay ka naam kyu nahi liya. Ye 100 cr ki khujli wo log ne hi lagaayi hai, aur aaj jab SRK ne sab ko pichhe kar diya to sahen nahi ho rahi hai, tum sab logo ki jhhuti negative reviews kaam nahi aayi & film broke all records, because the fact is that CE is complete family entertainer, aap apne maa-baap aur biwi-bachche ke saath enjoy kar sakte ho

    3. jaise salman akshay or ajay ki mvi to oscar winning hoti hai.......

    4. Anonymous at 7:07 PM above. You are an ignorant asshole, there is no similarity between Argo and Madras cafe. Argo is about some members of a fake movie production company trying to rescue someone. Just don't show off that you watch excellent Hollywood movies when you don't have any idea about them. Go watch trasformers or iron man shit.

  15. kaha se aa jate ho tum log!!!! movie dekho naa..... chennai express aur madras cafe both movie dekhi maine.... orr frankly dono do alag genre ka movie hai.... dono kafi achi movie hai.... aggag log ett, dabang 2 ke tarah ki movie ko pasand kar sakta hai, too according to me ce unse better hai.... our ce jab 2cr kama lia tab public kaha kaha se aa gaya!!! our jab mink, don2 jayse movie bas 1 cr hi kamata hai, too koi kuch nahi bolta ki ye movie kaise kam kamaya hai!!!! mere lia ek baat saaf hai ki movie dekho.... kya koi kisi product ka kitna income hua ye calculate karta hai!!! horlicks vs complan!!!! movie v ek product hai.... our kisi k baap ne kisi se kasam nahi li thi ki "tujhe ce dekhna parega!!!" our ek our baat, ye madras cafe hai, ce se koi link up nahi hai isme.... jisne madras cafe dekhi hai bo, bol sakte hai kuch... our jo nahi dekhi uske lia mai admin se request karunga ki ek page our kholo our usme lekho ki, "yaha jitna chahe ce ka burai karo"

    1. 200cr and 100cr sorry

  16. madras cafe is an excellent film....

  17. It is a very unfortunate fact that bollywood is still very
    much behind in making a movie which pumps up your
    heart, keeps you on the edge of your seat and lastly
    terrifies you. Yes there are many of them which falls in
    these categories but very few of them stands out. They
    start in order to make a thriller but then after
    bollywood-ising it ultimately comes out as a comedy.
    Adding characters which the movie don't need and
    introducing love-songs which don't speak even for
    themselves let alone the movie to which they are part
    of, have been the real problems for these movies.
    But, Madras Cafe breaks all these
    rules and then gives a hard slap to all those
    filmmakers who are making comedy out of a thriller. It
    is a high intense drama thriller where the tension is
    high, characters are there not just for the sake of it,
    absence of songs are there so as not to spoil the
    mood(they really were not needed) and finally the
    story is moving.
    Madras Cafe is set
    against the backdrop of Sri Lankan Civil War in the
    1980s and is about the lives of civilian getting
    destroyed as they hang in the middle of the
    government and LTF.The main plot revolves around
    the,as they say, Grand-Conspiracy of the assassination
    of the Ex Prime Minister of India by many external
    forces so as to control the economy of the world.
    I am still amazed with the fact
    that Shoojit Sircar who made the light hearted Vicky
    Donor is the same man behind Madras Cafe. This is
    what movie making is all about where versatility,
    which is solely missing in Bollywood nowadays, is
    what many people look for and Shoojit Sircar seems to
    have made full use of it.The detailing done by him in
    the movie is top-notch. The conversion of colorful
    sequences into a black and white one to show the
    casualties of the civil war is done exceptionally well.
    He is the real hero behind the movie and certainly has
    become one of those directors to watch out for in
    The casting of the movie is very well
    balanced as Nargis speaks English because she is just
    terrible when she speaks Hindi(Rockstar), John
    Abraham makes you feel for the character Vikram. It's
    a milestone in his career. The rest supporting cast
    does a commendable job. Kamaljeet Negi(DOP) has
    taken this movie to another level as he has shot the
    film exceptionally well, the civilians getting killed and
    the war sequences being the high point. Yes there was
    only one song which came when the end credits started
    to roll in the movie but still the background score
    provided by Shantanu Moitra was excellent and really
    keeps the tension alive which was certainly needed for
    a movie of this kind.
    I am going with 4 stars for Madras Cafe which
    is one of those rare movies where thriller doesn't get
    converted into a comedy and obviously where second
    half is better than the first.Finally this film ends giving
    tribute to Shri Rabindranath Tagore by using his poem
    'Where the mind is without fear.......' This film certainly
    means business.
    For more

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. it is gripping from start to end with intresting twists and turns....great action,photography,background score and editing...also good performances from all actors especially the supporting cast...the real winner is the brave screenplayand restrained directionwhich results in a fascinating movie i saw since kahaani...hats off to john abraham and shoojit sircar for making such an honest and brave film without any commercial trappingd...also the most intresting and shocking aspect of the film is how they have shown the hawala operations for funding terror outfits and how bureaucrats,diplomats and corporations are involved in carrying out to spread terrorism for monetary gains....really fascinating stuff...india has got its own 'argo' will be a blot on our film industry and audience if this movie does not work at the box office.....4 out 5 stars from it you are intrested in political thrillers......!!!

  19. Madras cafe is an excellent political thriller.its going to be another super hit film of the year. Our John is going high with the 3 sucess of the year. Race 2,Shootout at Wadala and Madras cafe. And we also waiting for Welcome back and Dostana 2....We all love you John bhaya....

  20. it doesn't make any difference what people will say, because they don't know what to say,when to say, whom to say, so forget it. and the movie is excellent on issue base.

  21. Who wad say dont knw..ce is 1 of da wrost movie dat I v ever seen b4 dis yr..totally faltu..

    1. Tu hi faltu hai, CE ke comments Madras Cafe ke thread mein dal raha hai.
      Kuch kaam nahi aayi faltu ki jhhuti negative reviews, film broke all boxoffice records.
      Madan Chopra, Raj Simran ko CE se le gaya

    2. Chennai express sab record todte hui chali gayi !!! aur tum beta platform mein bethke sar patakte raho !!!

  22. A must watch movie who want to see good cinema.. Superb screen play used every minute of 2:10 cant miss a single frame..will go with 4/5.. aur Ha dont go after booze samjh me nahi aayegi.. nahi to.. Ashish

  23. Komal Natha ne nurkundi lagali, matlab ab yeh film flop hi hoga........

  24. sensible movie in senseless bollywood

  25. This Movie is Mind Blowing with Such a Nice actions n Story !! Hats Off To "Sircar" for bringing such a movie script in India.

  26. Its very good movie.
    please don't expect movie like aashiqui 2 and chennai express in this and spoil others who came to see like this movie.. specially for couples(after getting board start chit chat and disturbing others.......

  27. Gaurav Rai, waiting for ur review..

    1. usko ticket kharid ke de !!! bol raha hai torrent se dekhega!!!

    2. sorry bro...was in goa for vacation. 'll be back soon!

  28. Movie Is Good
    Must Watch one time

  29. A lot of people, like me, would have a little idea about what exactly happened some decades ago between the two neighboring countries- India and Sri Lanka. Shoojit Sircar comes up with ‘Madras Café’ to narrate you the history.

    Set in the late 80’s, Madras Café tells you the story of the story of the Indo Srilankan civil war. The film also depicts the real life conspiracy behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Vikram (John Abraham), a RAW agent, is sent to Sri Lanka to make things under control but a series of events leads him to discover a bigger threat- Ex PM’s assassination. What follows is a real political drama.

    The best thing about Madras Café is its pace. Quick and straight to the point! The first 15 minutes might be confusing for the audiences to understand but you soon get to the touch of the movie as it progresses. A series of events been directed so well that you got to praise Shoojit Sircar for it. It is such a brave effort to come up with a movie like this.

    John Abraham does his work with utmost honesty. You got to admire his acting in his few recent flicks. Nargis Fakhri, in the role of a journalist, is good. Siddharth Basu is impressive in his few scenes.

    Madras Café is strictly for those who are into meaningful films. Watch it for the sincere efforts of the director and the cast. If you do not like socio-political thrillers, this might turn out to be a real bore for you.

    Rating- 3/5

    Log on to for more.


  31. Kudos to Soojit and his team for a superb movie.. awesome direction ... war scene recreation.. camera person just did a superb job..

  32. much better than chennai.

  33. single sided worst film of the year... thanks for banning in TN.. n real producer is not John.. it ll be congress and srilanka

  34. Finally one very sensible movie for those who seek only that, and those who like only Masala Movies and seeking kickass Action scenes must stay away from this movie.

    Movie is very complicated with plot as well as difficult to understand, first half gives introduction to the civil war and the part militarily politics with the war and in second half there starts the Race-Against-Time kind of thriller.

    Shoojith's combination with John and really engaging editing by Chandrashekhar Prajapati and amazing floating camera effective cinematography by Kamaljeet Negi.

    Amazing performances by John, Siddhartha Basu, Prakash Belewade and others.

    So audience, give this movie a try and lift up the sensible movie like this as we can see more of this kind.

    I rate this sensible movie with John and Shoojith's combination 8/10.

    Read full reviews at

  35. A dramatic movie that sags in large parts due to its need to tell EVERYTHING.

    One of the big rules of storytelling is 'Show, don't tell'. Normally, this advice is given to writers. Maybe, Shoojit Sircar would have done well to look up this rule before he started making Madras Cafe.

    Right from the clumsy device of John Abraham talking to a priest in a Kasauli church, the story relies heavily on a voice over to tell its story. As if this was not enough, there are extended explanations of the Sri Lankan conflict. I know its tough to explain the political history of a nation in two hours but the point is do we really need get into the complexities of the ethnic conflict to tell the story you really want to? The story, which, according to me, is about the failure of the Indian Intelligence services to save Rajiv Gandhi from being assassinated? Or am I wrong? Is it about the leak in Intelligence Services? Or about the LTTE? Some confusion there which makes the movie sort of formless.

    All the action in the second half filters down to the assassination attempt and that's when the story starts to show some action instead of explaining it patiently bit by bit to what it assumes to be either a confused or dumb audience. In fact, we (and I assume the distinguished RAW agent) are assumed to be so slow in our comprehension abilities, that an Intelligence guy speaking in v..e..r..y slow language, as if to a 5 y old, decodes some intercepts step by step and explains them till we reach the eureka moment and say ah! "That's how you decode stuff. Remember we used to do this in school too? "

    And all this is happening when a life is at stake and time is of the essence.

    Such silliness contrasts sharply with the overall seriousness the story builds into itself.

    The ensemble cast is strong and dependable. I loved Siddharth Basu as Robin Dutt, the RAW chief. Nargis Fakhri looks great as a serious reporter and John, hmmm, I think he could have put in a better performance if he had been made to do more action than sit around moping and telling the story. All the actors pitch in realistic performances which make the film watchable.

    The action sequences are well shot but the story takes too long to build up. If the Director had stuck to just the assassination it would have made a taut 2 hour lesson on how Intelligence services do their job and maybe fail. But the movie lurches forward in fits and starts because of its need to be a comprehensive history lesson also.

    The movie is earnest and sincere in its purpose. There is a deep vein of sympathy running through it that it mines richly when it shows the fall out of the conflict on civilians. The lead up to the assassination is heart breaking since we already know the outcome and leaves you immensely sad. However, all this emotion gets diluted by the semi documentary feel it gets at crucial times.

    Should you watch Madras Cafe? Yes, if you want to understand the politics of Civil War and the history of Sri Lanka in detail. (I confess, I am now much better educated and quite happy about it). However, if you are looking for a taut drama with action and swift storytelling this is not your cup of filter coffee. Maybe, reality is not that exciting after all. (3/5)

    1. Very Good review Ayush... Fully Agree...
      This is what is called review, which tell both plus & minus points of the film, as you have listed.. keep it up
      Your review is the best... better than all others review

  36. just watched madras café at phoenix mall.what a directoral excellence.who says cinemas are only about entertainment ,entertainment and is also about showing realism and that's what madras café does.the determination and courage of the suicide bomber even if it is for a wrong purpose (according to us) amazes u.seriously if u want to see some serious cinema,this one is a must watch.hats off.

  37. Madras Cafe Is Excellent Movie.
    It's Like Holly Wood Movie And It's direct Well and Not Any Song In Movie So No Disturb And You Like To Continuously Watch Movie.

    Flawed but undoubtedly the finest political thriller Bollywood has come up with [3.5/5]

    Imagine a war thriller where you already can sense what is going to happen but still it manages to make you question your understandings that either it might not happen this way or if it must, how the proceedings will fit into place. Shoojit Sircar’s MADRAS CAFÉ is one such intriguingly intense, aptly intelligent, flawed but finest political thriller in recent.

    Positioned in the time-zone of mid 80’s & early 90’s, when our neighboring country Sri Lanka was going through its toughest episode of heavily brutal & deeply inhuman civil war, MADRAS CAFÉ digs into the past to expose an untold political conspiracy behind our prime-minister’s assassination. Now the best part is, it is a fictional documentation but wrapped cleverly in a series of historic facts that it looks more promising than any other war-dramas based on real life events. West has been doing it since ages, thanks to their liberal environment of freedom to create but in a country like India where extremist-groups are much more in numbers than the unwanted mushrooms in your backyard in monsoons, coming with such a debatable product needs sheer amount of guts.

    In his first ‘YAHAAN’, Shoojit Sircar has impressed most of us with a textured romance in the backdrop of militancy and army rule in Kashmir. Here the backdrop is set in Jaffna- the point of action for LTF headed by Anna [reference to LTTE chief Prabhakaran] and Indian force working for peace. John Abraham plays Vikram- an R&AW agent on a secret mission to knock down the open-ended territory of Anna. Meanwhile, the traces of treason take the organization and the mission for granted and in order to repair it, with the help of a committed British journalist [played by Nargis Fakhri], Vikram intercepts the covert plot to assassin our prime minister [reference to Mr. Rajiv Gandhi].

    Film’s strongest point is the ‘real people on real locations’ feel, at least for the most of it. Sircar sets a perfect atmospheric war-scene with chilling visuals captured beautifully by Kamaljeet Negi. Also, be ready to witness the most surprising casting in Bollywood ever. Siddhrath Basu as the R&AW chief is the most impressive. There is not a single moment where you doubt his ability to act. Then, there is the ad-man Piyush Pandey as the effortlessly straightforward cabinet secretary and Dibang- the most consistent news anchor on NDTV in the most delightful cameo I have seen in Bollywood.

    Having said that, I won’t deny the fact that MADRAS CAFÉ is far from a flawless effort. Story is impeccably fascinating. Dialogues are as colloquial as it could be. But the narrative and the screenplay have more than one loose end. First part is filled with voice-overs and runs like a bullet train to capture and clear the political picture before setting the premise for the finale ‘pressure cooker situation’ where assassination supposes to end it all. Scenes come with a fade-in/fade-out manner only to give it a disengaged lengthy montage kind of feel. Some of the vital information [the madras café conversation between LTF representative, Indian bureaucrat and foreign beneficiary] is being thrown to you repeatedly without much addition until the very last.

    Despite all this, the 2 hour 10 min of MADRAS CAFÉ is worth all your money spent on tickets and popcorns. This is a flawed but undoubtedly the finest political thriller Bollywood has come up with. The war-scenes and the bone-chilling explosion scene of Indian prime-minister’s assassination in the climax alone will leave you contented. [3.5/5]

  39. Nice review Gaurav..... Now I will plan to Go

  40. jo lok sirf entertainment ke liye movie dekhte unke liye ye movie nahi hai.

  41. Jo lok sirf entertainment ke liye movie dekhte hai unke liye ye movie nahi hai.

  42. Gaurav u r the real analyst..fucking nailed it..


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