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Jumanji: The Next Level Review

User Rating: 3.33
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Average Ratings:3.25/5
Score: 100% Positive
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Ratings: Review By: Komal Nahta Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business

Jake Kasdan’s direction is noteworthy. Henry Jackman’s background music is impactful. Gyula Pados’ cinematography is splendid. Computer graphics are of a high order. Bill Brzeski’s production designing is lovely. Editing (by Steve Edwards, Mark Helfrich and Tara Timpone) is sharp. Dubbing is nice. On the whole, Jumanji: The Next Level will do well at the box-office. The original English version will fare better than the dubbed Hindi version.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Saibal Site: NDTV

Jumanji: The Next Level is the second sequel to 1995’s Jumanji. If the note it ends on is anything to go by, a third might be in the offing. And if this well-mounted and generally engaging film – it plays the game with its tongue firmly in cheek and its wits about it – is a reliable yardstick, an extension of the franchise might not be a bad idea at all.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Neil Site: Times Of India

Director Jake Kasdan knows how to elevate the strengths of his cast to great effect, and it shows. But despite the addition of new characters and some new twists in the game, the plot invariably becomes familiar after a while. Additionally, just like the previous instalment, Jumanji suffers from a lacklustre villain. Sure, the focus is predominantly on the group and their hijinks, but the threat of the bad guy never feels real. The plot plays out some similar beats as the previous film, and yet, it manages to get away with it, thanks to the cast. The visual effects are striking, and the set pieces do not disappoint either. While some of the problems of the first film persist, they’ll be hardly noticeable in the end, as the ‘Jumanji’ franchise puts out another entertaining entry with ‘The Next Level’.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Karishma Site: Pinkvilla

As grandeur as the set up was, the plotholes were also there. The story is still the same. The picking point of focus was still the same – friendship. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an enjoyable ride nonetheless. Ultimately, Jumanji: The Next Level is like a video game; the endgame may still be the same but it’s always about the next level, isn’t it? If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining watch than buckle up and Welcome to Jumanji!

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Devesh Site:Filmfare

All-in-all, funny one-liners and the efforts of the entire ensemble cast in general and Devito and Johnson, in particular, help keep your attention engaged till the end. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle did push up the level of the franchise as a whole. Thanks to the lack of novelty factor, we really aren’t sure whether the present film actually deserves to be called The Next Level…

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Jumanji: The Next Level Story

When Spencer goes back into the fantastical world of Jumanji, pals Martha, Fridge and Bethany re-enter the game to bring him home. But everything about Jumanji is about to change, as they soon discover more obstacles and more danger to overcome.

Dwayne Johnson
Dany Garcia
Hiram Garcia
Matt Tolmach
William Teitler
Jake Kasdan

Jumanji: The Next Level Release Date:

Dec 12, 2019 ( India)

Jake Kasdan


Running time: 2h 3m

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