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The Mummy Budget &7 Days India Box Office Collections: Decent First Week

The Mummy Budget & 3 Days India Box Office Collections

The Mummy Budget & India Box Office Collections

Tom Cruise’s The Mummy reboot had an average opening at box office as it was randomly hit by an Adult Certificate by censors

19 Crore nett Trade Figure equivalent to  $ 4.1 Million gross from 1500 screens

Official Studio Figure is $4.4 Million gross for the opening weekend

The Mummy has grossed $174 Million worldwide but is a flop in USA with just $32 Million gross.

The Mummy was 2nd highest grossing this movie after Raabta and the results are below expectations

The Mummy also did better in South India than North

Day 4 to Day 7

6.5 Crore nett Trade Figure

Day 1:
3.5 Crore nett Trade Figure

Day 2:
4.5 Crore nett Trade Figure

Day 3:
4.5 Crore nett Trade Figure

But with raabta looking to under perform Mummy will likely have a higher lifetime than Raabta

Behen Hogi teri just collected 1.3 Crore in the weekend and is a flop.


Third Day Collection
5.21 Crore Producer Figure
4.85 Crore Trade Figure

Total Collection
15.93 Crore Producer Figure
14.85 Crore Trade Figure

Raabta had a lower Saturday and Sunday than Friday and looks set to be disaster

Second Day Collection
5.11 Crore Producer Figure
4.75 Crore Trade Figure

First Day Collection
5.61 Crore Producer Figure
5.25 Crore Trade Figure


Tom Cruise is very popular in india and the the original mummy series also had a recall value so the The mummy was expected to do much better than what results show.

India must be one the rare countries where the Mummy is certified Adult and that certification means that many of the families who would have gone for the movie will now avoid it.

Across South India and in multiplexes however the mummy was still doing well and even though it opened lower than raabta it has a chance to win the weekend as raabta doesn’t have good word of mouth

The Mummy the original 1999 movie  had grossed $4.4 Million in India which was huge for a hollywood movie in India than.

in 2001 the The Mummy returns did grossed $5.8 Million which was again huge

however 2002’s scorpion king failed to do well because  of lack of the Mummy tag.

The Mummy Budget

The Mummy is made on an budget of $125 Million

The Mummy 5 Screens

The Mummy is releasing in limited screens around 800 pan India 

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