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Begum Jaan Budget & 14th Day ( Second Week) Box Office Collection:Poor

Begum Jaan Budget &  14th Day ( Second Week) Box Office Collection

Second Week:
2.75 Crore Trade Figure

17.75 Crore Trade Figure
20.68 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7:
0.75 Crore Trade Figure
1.4 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6:
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.49 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5:
1.25 Crore Trade Figure
1.59 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4:
1.45 Crore Trade Figure
1.87 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3:
3.75 Crore Trade Figure
4.03 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
3.25 Crore Trade Figure
3.5 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1:
3.5 Crore Trade Figure
3.94 Crore Producer Figure

Begum Jaan first day was lower than 3rd day of Fast and Furious 8

In comparison Punjabi movie Manje Bistre featuring Gippy Grewal  collected 2.25 Crore Producer Figure from just 200 odd screens in Punajb , Haryana and Delhi City.

Begum Jaan First Day collections are 10th highest of 2017 but that is only due to other releases being less so far

Begum Jaan has been hit by a clash with hollywood biggie Fast and Furious 8 as well as Punjabi movie Manje Bistre featuring Gippy Grewal

Begum Jaan is a low budget movie and a remake of critically acclaimed Bengali film Raj Kahani with setting changed from Bengal Bangladesh border to North India.

Vidya Balan ‘s star pull has also been on a decline post Kahani with even Kahaani 2 ending up as a flop and which is reflecting in the opening day.

Begum Jaan Budget

Begum Jaan is made on a budget of Rs 19 Crores all inclusive

Production Cost: 12 Crores

Prints & Advertising Cost: 7 Crores

Begum Jaan Hit or Flop

Begum Jaan Needs to cross 30 Crores to be called a hit. 

Begum Jaan Screens

Begum Jaan is releasing in around 1100 screens pan India.

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  1. utter flop

  2. I feel this film will be a flop

  3. Really gegum jaan is great movie….
    Reality base movie..
    Plz watch this movie .

  4. Really begum jaan is great movie…….

    True Base movie…

  5. A must watch movie.

  6. do no go no numbers. begum jaan is must watch

  7. Superb movie

  8. Begum jaan is a great movie…
    Please must watch this movie everyone person…..

  9. A must watch movie.

  10. below averge not flop 20 crore buniess budget 19 crore

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