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Tum Bin 2 Budget & 7th Day Box Office Collection: Poor Week

Tum Bin 2 Budget &7th Day (Thursday) Box Office Collection

Tum Bin 2 Budget & Box Office Opening

Day 7:
0.25 Crore ( 25 lakhs) Trade Figure

Total Collections of Tu Bin 2
3.5 Crore  Trade Figure

It is a Flop

Day 6:
0.25 Crore ( 25 lakhs) Trade Figure

Day 5:
0.25 Crore ( 25 lakhs) Trade Figure

Day 4:
0.3 Crore ( 30 lakhs) Trade Figure

Friday to Monday saw a drop of 54% which makes it over for such a low collecting movie

First Weekend is higher than Tum Bin’s 56 Lakhs but that was 15 years ago

First Weekend collections are 46th highest of 2016 which makes it very poor

Day 3:
1 Crore ( 80 lakhs) Trade Figure

Day 2:
0.8 Crore ( 80 lakhs) Trade Figure

Day 1:
0.65 Crore ( 65 lakhs) Trade Figure ( revised down)

Friday to Saturday growth was 23% but at such a low base.

From this low opening despite low cost there is hardly any chance for the movie

This opening is 45th amongst tracked movies box office opening of 2016 which is very poor.

Unlike the original Tum Bin the music of Tum Bin 2 was poor and that mixed with the ongoing demonetization issue has killed the movie.

The original Tum Bin was made 15 years ago and was a word of mouth success due to good songs and had gone on to beat the bigger movie Aks

Tum Bin was estimated to make around 5 Crores in 2001 as per Trade magazines of that time which adjusted for inflation would come out to be around 30 Crore

The big positive for Tum Bin 2 is the low cost but the negative is the demonetization issue which is hurting the box office badly for almost all the movies except the urban metro-centric english movies

Tum Bin 2 Budget

Tum Bin 2 is  made on a budget of 15 Crores all inclusive.

Production Budget: 8 Crores

Prints & Advertising Cost: 7 Crore

The Original Tum Bin was estimated to be made at 3 Crores cost back in 2001

Tum Bin 2 Screens

Tum Bin 2 is releasing on approx 1200  screens across India.

Tum Bin 2 Hit or Flop

Tum Bin 2 has to collect 15 Crores to be called a hit in India.

Producers claim that they have recovered 12 Crores from sale of music satellite and digital rights .

Digital Rights being sold to Amazon as a part of multi-movie deal

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