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Sultan 9 Days Worldwide ( USA,UK,Pakistan,Gulf) Box Office Collection :

Sultan Overseas( UK,Pakistan,Gulf, USA ) Box Office Collection

Sultan Worldwide ( Pakistan,Gulf, UK) Box Office Collection

9 Day Worldwide:
438.82 Crore + Gross for 9 Days

$17.46 Million or Rs 117.5 Crore Gross

India : 320.82 Crore gross

9 Day Pakistan Box Office Collection
$2.21 Million  or Rs 14.82 Crores

9 Day USA & Canada  Box Office Collection
$4.28 Million  or Rs 28.71 Crores

9 Day UAE & Gulf Box Office Collection
$6.65 Million  or Rs 44.62 Crores

9 Day UK & Ireland Box Office Collection
£ 1.30 Million  or Rs 11.5 Crores

7 Day Worldwide
390 Crores + Gross

Sultan has joined the highest grossing bollywood movies of all time list worldwide list at no 7 beating dilwale ‘s lifetime worldwide Collections.

5 Days Overseas
$13.73 Million or Rs 91.93 Crore gross as per Yashraj Films

This total puts Sultan at no 11 on Highest grossing bollywood movies in overseas list

Total  5 Days Worldwide:
Rs 344.5  Crore + gross or $51.31 Million  as per Yashraj Films

Worldwide gross for Sultan was highest this weekend crossing Chinese movie Cold War 2’s $ 44 Million.

No major hollywood movie had a release this weekend internationally allowing Indian and Chinese movies to dominate

Sultan  Records

 UAE & Gulf:

1.) Highest Advance Booking For Any Movie Ever – Hollywood or Indian.

 2.) Biggest Opening Day Ever. Highest Opening Weekend Ever.

3.) Fastest $ 5 Million In Five Days.

4.) Biggest Non-Holiday Opening Day Collection.

5.) Biggest Opening Day Ever.

 6.) Highest Opening Weekend Ever.

 7.)Fastest $ 1 Million in Three Days.

8.)Biggest Opening Day Ever.

 9.)Highest Opening Weekend Ever.

10.)  Highest Opening Weekend Ever.

 11.) Highest Opening Weekend Ever.

Sultan  Pakistan Box Office Collection

Sultan has created an all time opening record in Pakistan collecting Rs 175 Million in its 5 day opening weekend which is the highest ever beating all other Indian and Pakistani Movies.

Sultan  UK, Australia & New Zealand Box Office Collection

In UK Sultan collected £ 1 Million (£ 1,034,641) or Rs 9 crores box office.

In Australia Sultan collections have reached A$ 7,92,290 or Rs 4.03 Crore

Sultan’s New Zealand box office collections are NZ $3,80,624 or 1.86 Crores

Sultan  USA & Canada Box Office Collection

Sultan’s USA numbers are $2.72 Million or Rs 18.3 Crores.

In Canada Sultan has grossed $617,134 or Rs 4.15 Crores

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