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NH10 Third Week Box Office Collection: Good Hold

NH10 Box Office Collection

Third Wednesday
0.3 Crore (Trade Figure)

Total till date
31.3 Crore (Trade Figure)

3rd Friday of NH 10 was same as second friday of hunterr and these two will fight at the box office this week as new releases are total washout.

Third Wednesday
0.35 Crore (Trade Figure)

Third tuesday
0.35 Crore (Trade Figure)

Third Monday
0.35 Crore (Trade Figure)

Third Sunday
0.9 Crore (Trade Figure)

Third Saturday
0.85 Crore (Trade Figure)

Third Friday
0.5 Crore (Trade Figure)

Second week:

7.55 Crore  (Trade Figure)
Total till date:
28.2 Crore (Trade Figure)


 NH 10 had a very good saturday and sunday with  daily growth.

Sunday was again good with 30% growth over Saturday.

NH 10 is doing very well in metros and North India especially in Delhi/NCR Haryana and Punjab also in Mumbai and Pune city.
However NH 10 is very poor in mass markets.
NH 10 will have a decent weekend and has no competition for next few weeks which means it has a chance for a good long run.
It will depend how the movie holds on weekdays especially on Monday to see what is the trend for the movie. 

 First Day :
3.25 Crore (trade Figure)
3.35 Crore +  (Producer Figure)

 Second Day :

4.25 Crore (trade Figure)
4.5 Crore (Producer Figure)

 Third Day
5.5 Crore (trade Figure)

 Fourth Day
2 Crore (Trade Figure)

Fifth Day

1.8 Crore  (Trade Figure)
 Sixth Day
1.7 Crore  (Trade Figure)
Seventh Day
1.65 Crore  (Trade Figure)

 NH 10 Budget:  
21 Crore (inclusive of prints and advertising costs)
12 Crore production cost and 9 crore prints + advertising cost.

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