I Worldwide Box Office Collections (Tamil +Telugu + Hindi); Crosses 100 Crores

I Five Days All India Box Office Collection

Five Days Total:

Worldwide Gross: 118.35 Crores gross.

 All India  is 77 Crores nett (approx)

Every state has different reporting system and taxes so nett numbers are difficult to calculate but this figures are rough numbers.

Tamil Nadu: 35 Crore  Nett Or Rs 46 Crores gross ( Wednesday to Sunday)

Telugu: 20.85 Crore distributor share or Rs 31.27 Crores gross ( Wednesday to Sunday)

Kerala: 10.73 Crore Gross or Rs 8.58 Crores nett ( Wednesday to Sunday)

Hindi: 7.72 Crore nett or  Rs 10.5 Crores gross ( Friday to Monday)

Overseas : 15 Crores + gross ( 14.97 Crores from top 5 )( Wednesday to Sunday)

Rest of India:  2.25 Crores  Nett or Rs 3 Crores Gross( Wednesday to Sunday)

Karnataka: 4 Crores Gross ( Wednesday to Sunday)

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