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Gopala Gopala Telugu Movie Review

Gopala Gopala  Rating: 3.25/5 

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Gopala Gopala Telugu Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Hemanth Kumar Site:Times Of India (TOI)

The film is a remake of Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar starrer Oh My God and the Telugu version largely stays true to the original version. Kishore Kumar Pardasani, the director, does well in handling the emotional depth of the film without going overboard or offending anyone’s faith. Yes, the film does feel a tad too long, but it has enough moments which stay with you long after you finish watching it. And more importantly, it makes you think about life and reminding what our place in the cosmos is

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Ratings:3.25/5 Review By: Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

Plus points of the film are rare genre (satire on god and blind believes), Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh. The weak points are not-so-arresting screenplay and prolonged climax. I have seen the original Oh My God. The original is more authentic. The remade version is more of a sugar-coated one. It’s an okay film for the people who have seen the original. The success (long term run) will depend on how people who haven’t watched the original embrace it. On a whole, Gopala Gopala is a well packaged film in a different genre though I expected a better remake out of Oh My God!

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Ratings:3/5 Review By:  Venkat  Site:Great Andhra

While the Telugu audiences who haven’t watched the Bollywood version will totally relate to the characters and the different concept, those who have already watched the original and the recently released PK, might find the concept a bit repetitive. Gopala Gopala was promoted as a different concept right from day one. While those wanting different films are bound to like it, others may miss the mass elements that are a must-have in commercial entertainers. Added to this, the screenplay is a bit boring at places.

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Ratings:3.25/5 Review By:  Gulte  Site:Gulte

Gopala Gopala is neither a typical commercial entertainer nor a family drama. It is entirely different from the routine genre of movies we are accustomed to. There will be two types of reactions to this film. One section of audience who goes with very high expectations looking at the lead actors, will feel disappointed with the film. They don’t get their ticket’s worth even with Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan in the lead. It would be hard for diehard fans of Pawan Kalyan to accept him in a subdued supporting role. The other section of audience who look for different entertainment will be pleased with Gopala Gopala. It offers ample entertainment and remains faithful to the subject irrespective of the star cast. They will give thumbs up to everyone who has dared to make this attempt.

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