Exodus: Gods and Kings India Box Office Collection: Good Start

Exodus: Gods and Kings India Box Office Collection

Exodus opened to a very good $1.6 Million approx or Rs 9.6 Crores gross in its  first weekend India across all languages.

This is equivalent to Rs 7.3 Crores nett.

This is pretty good for a hollywood movie but is just lower than what interstellar did in its first weekend with just english release.

Exodus like all hollywood releases did best in metros. Chennai, Hyderabad,Bangalore were very good  Mumbai was ok  while  Delhi was below the mark.

Exodus is headed to be amongst Top 10 Highest grossing hollywood  movies at  India Box Office in 2014.

Exodus has not yet opened in USA but it has already grossed $23.1 Million worldwide

The top markets for Exodus have been South Korea ($6.2 Million).,Mexico ($4.7 Million) ,Spain ($3.8 Million) and Australia ($2.3 Million).

Exodus took the 4th spot in worldwide collections after Hunger Games, Fleet of Time and penguins of Magdascar.

Exdous has a very hefty budget of $165 Million.

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