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The Equalizer Review

The Equalizer Rating: 2.5/5

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The Equalizer English Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site:Times Of India (TOI)

Fuqua cuts to the chase with no frivolity. McCall’s motive (loner trying to save young prostitute, seeing goodness in her) is reminiscent of DeNiro’s Travis in Taxi Driver. The movie’s climax in is a bit drawn out but all said and done, Washington and Csokas are thoroughly convincing and if you’re an action junkie, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Filmcompanion

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Navin Noronha Site:Bookmyshow

You really don’t have to do much to make an action flick work. Give us a good guy to root for and a bad guy to despise, and we are happy. The Equalizer does exactly that. You will certainly enjoy the film with your friends. But be prepared to sit through an excruciatingly long second half.

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    Denzel the ‘Dabangg’ steals the show! [3/5]

    No, he doesn’t steal money from unscrupulous rich sharks to help the needy like Salman’s character does in KICK. Though he does have a sobbing back story but he hardly bothers to exchange it for your sympathies unlike Aamir’s character does in DHOOM 3. Also he is not seeking any age-long revenge of some personal loss as Shah Rukh’s character does in HAPPY NEW YEAR but when it comes to walk away serenely in slow-motion from a massive explosion, Denzel Washington sure gives all the Bollywood superstars a run for their money. He has done it in MAN ON FIRE before but in Antoine Fuqua’s action-entertainer THE EQUALIZER, he is outstandingly massy, entertaining & the best bet for your money. I have clapped numerous times before for his unparalleled performances in CRY FREEDOM, PHILADELPHIA, and THE GREAT DEBATORS but this one made me whistle for him like most front liners do for their bollywood idols.

    THE EQUALIZER is a delight for any action-junkie, who dies to spend his evenings with lots of blood-shed, breathless action and thrilling hunt-down, cat & mouse sequences between the evil and the fearless. Denzel plays Robert McCall, a mysterious loner with fabricated identity and a darker past to deal with. When a slightly familiar prostitute [Chloe Grace Moretz] gets beaten up hard by a Russian sex-trafficking mob, the man in disguise decides to take them down one by one including Teddy [Marton Csokas] a razor-sharp, smart and cold-blooded right hand to the crime-chief.

    Fuqua directs well the portions of showing the layered personality of Denzel’s character in the film. Be it his impulse action with setting up deadlines in his stop-watch and then counting it soon after finishing the task or the way he chose to carry his own tea-dip to his regular café and sit there reading books his wife has left to him; the character is blessed with a fool-proof sketch in black & white. Watch out for the scene where McCall & Teddy meet for the first time and both try hard to outsmart other. Similarly, the confrontation scene between the two in café where both thrust to take down the other emotionally & psychologically is one of the most thrilling! Though the climax is overtly stretched; for the most part, THE EQUALIZER is an adrenalin rush.

    Denzel is seen and applauded before for his gallantry appearances in many action thrillers but the kind of intensity and the conviction he brings with such ease is absolute pleasurable experience. His all plucky character played on screen is very similar to our bollywood heroes are trying lately with the current obsession for the 100 Cr club. He can be seen taking on a bunch of goons with guns at one go but never looks unfocussed & baffled even for once. Chloe Grace Moretz doesn’t have much to play except a couple of scenes striking enough to notice her talent. Marton Csokas gives Denzel a tough competition in terms of the role-building exercise.

    Overall, THE EQUALIZER is an enjoyable action-trip made even better & easier to have your time spent with trusted performance by Denzel. Never underestimate this new ‘Dabangg’ in town! He’s more refined and sophisticated version who can bring some sense to ‘whatever happens just happens for the sake of it’! Watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and you won’t complain! [3/5]

  2. I personally feel The Equalizer has all the three pre requites that a good " One Man vs The World " action movie needs namely ; a director with a flair, a formidable villain & a great Hero. It's not a movie that carves out any new niches in the action genre but it does just enough to sell the concept of Denzel being another guardian angel vigilante. For my detailed review, please visit………..http://rohitmoviereview.blogspot.in/

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