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Bang Bang Ten Days Worldwide Box Office Collection: Goes Up on Second Saturday

Bang Bang Ten Days Worldwide Box Office Collection

Second Saturday Collection:
4.52 Crore  (trade figure)
6.3 crore (Producer figure)

10 Day Total:
127.83 Crore All languages  (trade figure)
144.45 Crore All languages ( producer Figure)
123.39 Crore  (trade figure) hindi

221.1 Crore (trade figure)
265.5 Crore (Producer figure)

Bang Bang went up on Saturday and looks headed for a decent second weekend.

Real test would be weekdays of second week

After Second Friday Bang Bang is number 10 on All Time Highest Grossing movies worldwide list removing dabangg from the list

After 9 Days 

Bang Bang has had a very good run in metros, multiplexes and overseas.

Business of Bang Bang has gone very low in mass circuits from Tuesday  once holiday ended and distributors in those circuit are disappointed this has prompted a fresh wave of promotions from distributing studios.

For example Rajasthan is in a deficit of around 3 crore similar is the case with UP, Gujarat, CI and CP Berar.

Trade is already blaming Pre Diwali  effect in those areas.

Bang Bang is number 15th on all time highest grossing movies in India.

Bang Bang is now 3rd Highest grossing movie of 2014.

Thursday Collection:
6.8 Crores (Trade Figure) Hindi
7.42 Crore ( Producer Figure) all versions

8 Days Total: 
135.45 crore ( Producer Figure) all versions

119.86 Crore (Trade Figure) all versions

115.56 Crores (Trade Figure) Hindi
4.3 Crore (Tamil +Telugu)

Worldwide Gross:
250.75 Crores Fox Star
210.94 Crores Trade figure

Bang Bang Budget: 140 Crores ( including prints and advertising)

Producer Figure ( breakup):
Second Friday Collection:
3.31 Crore  (trade figure)
4.9 Crore  (producer figure)

Tuesday Collection:
8.25 Crore (Trade Figure) Hindi
10.31 Crore (Producer Figure) all versions

Wednesday Collection:
6.94 Crore (Trade Figure) Hindi
8.23 Crore (producer Figure) All versions

Day 5:
15.36 Crore Nett

Day 4 
22.41 Crore  Nett

Day 3 
20.1 Crore  Nett

Day 2 
24.08 Crore Nett

Day 1 
27.54 Crore Nett

Trade Figures  ( breakup):
Day 5:
13.25 Crore Nett Hindi

Day 4 
18 Crore  Nett hindi

Day 3:
16.84 Crore for Hindi version
0.54 Crore ( Tamil +Telugu )

Day 2 :
20.62 Crore ( Hindi)
1.04 Crore ( Tamil + Telugu)
21.66 Crore (Trade Figure) from all versions ( Hindi+ Tamil + telugu )

Day 1 :
26.52 Crore (Trade Figure) from all versions ( Hindi+ Tamil + telugu )
24.86 Crore  ( Hindi)
1.66 Crore ( Tamil + Telugu)


Bang Bang has 5th Highest Opening Day of All Time

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

Producer Figure:  Official Figures given out by  producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade figure.