Revolver Rani Two Days ( Saturday) Box Office Collection: Continues to Struggle

Revolver Rani Two Days Box Office Collection

Total Till Date: 
3.75 Crore Nett ( Trade figure)

Trade Figure: 2 Crore

Friday Collection
Trade Figure: 1.75 Crore
Producer Figure: 1.81 Crore

On its second Day  Revolver Rani has continued to struggle with very minimal growth.

Its Two Day Total is lower than  Queen which had grossed 5.28 Crores in 2 Days. This is despite the fact that it has nearly double the screens of queen.

Just for comparison  Queen had jumped to 3.34 crores on Day 2 after a slow 1.94 Crore on Day 1.

It remains to be seen whether movie picks up since queen had also a very dull start but picked up later though queen had much better reviews.

Riding on mixed reviews Revolver Rani opened to very dull collections on first day in fact collections are lower than what queen did on its first day.

Revolver Rani has been beaten comprehensively by Two States (which in its second saturday grossed 5 Crores) as the top grossing movie at the box office this Saturday

Content of the movie is not multiplex friendly and is more suitable for single screens.

This contrast with the fact that Kangana is a multiplex star

Trade is calling it class masala something which is unable to decide which segment it wants to cater to.

Comparative first day:
Queen: 1.94 Crore
Revolver Rani: 1.75 Crore

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