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Jai Ho Four Weeks (28 Days) Worldwide Box Office Collection

Total Till date

Trade Figures  (28 days)

India Collection: 107.52 Crore Nett
Fourth Week Collection: Rs 45 Lakhs

Worldwide: 177.496 Crore Gross

This still makes it 18th highest collecting movie of all time in India.

$ 6 Million

Weekwise Collection:
Week 1: 84.28 Crore Nett
Week 2:  18.29 Crore Nett
Week 3: Rs 4.5 Crore Nett
Week 4: Rs 45 Lakhs

Producer figures are not being shared due to low collections.
Producer Figure ( Eros) 14 days : 
Total India: Rs  110.78 Crore Nett

Post Gunday’s release there are very few screens showing Jai Ho.

It will close collecting in a week or so.

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  1. abay admin jai ho ka verdic .semi hit hai .

  2. Salman 3 Ki Madad Karne Ko Kaha Toh Sab Vaag Geya…

  3. Salaman 3 ki Madad Karne Ko kaha Toh Sab Vag Geya..LOL


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  7. Mr. admin , how can you say that JAI HO came under average grade ….even it lost 120 – 107 = 13 crore lost, that means jai ho should come under FLOP category and in another case MAI TERA HERO here budget is 39 crore and profit is 45 crore means profit is 6 crore that means this should came under hit category.

  8. Jai ho hit he yaar

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