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American Hustle Review

American Hustle Rating: 4.21/5

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American Hustle Movie Reviews

Ratings:4/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:Masand’s verdict ( CNN IBN)

O Russell knows how to you hook you to his quirky characters, but also laces his film with witty dialogues, and cinematography and production design that add real texture. I’m going with four out of five for American Hustle. It’s possibly the most fun I’ve had at the movies in a long, long time, and like the perfect restaurant meal it leaves you keen to make a second visit soon.

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Ratings:4.5/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Star World ( Hindustan Times)

David O. Russell takes this material and performs the ultimate high-wire act – he constructs a film that makes you sad. It makes you laugh out loud. It makes you gasp and most of all, it delivers an adrenalin jolt of pleasure so acute that you are giddy for hours after its over. American Hustle is so much fun that I wonder if viewers will recognize what a staggering artistic achievement it is. Don’t miss this film. I’m going with four and a half stars.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Raja Sen Site:Rediff

David O Russell has thrown together the familiar with tremendous flair, making for a loud, brassy blast of a movie. A movie where the killer ensemble cast unmistakably looks to be having a better time than the audience. Their buoyant energy — and the look-at-me style the movie is soaked in — comes at us hard and fast and it’s best to grin through it.  But it’s because they’re such damned good actors that this sloppy hot dog of a film comes together. It’s not gourmet, but there’s enough goddamned relish for you not to care. I only wish he’d finished the ice-fishing story.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site:Times of India (TOI)

American Hustle amuses with irony, music and wit. It tantalizes with danger but doesn’t get violent. Its s**iness – there’s grinding in washrooms, on tables and laps – is electric and fun. Intelligent and good-looking, American Hustle could’ve lost 20 minutes to deliver an even sharper kick. But otherwise, fun for those who like vibrant humour – that’s extremely grey.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Andre Borges Site:DNA

American Hustle with its subtle ‘Scorsese’ undertone, is another win for the Oscar nominated director. The movie hits all the right notes in terms of plot, casting, enough amount of comedy and drama and most importantly engaging the audience. American Hustle for the most part has a brilliant script and of course a top notch cast, but lots of movies have this combination. The real reason the movie shines brighter than the rest is the details and the other factors that enhance the movie as a whole. All in all, the film already dominating the award shows and getting rave reviews from festivals is a must-watch towering above an already existing pool of must watch movies.

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Ratings:5/5 Review By: Rohit Khilnani Site:India Today

In American Hustle, you can’t trust anyone! Be it con men, politicians, friends, FBI agents- and then most certainly you can’t trust the women with plunging necklines! We are transported to the early 70s where the ambitious FBI agent Richard ‘Richie’ DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) blackmails con man Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) into helping him run a sting that would pin down the corrupt politicians of New Jersey. But we can only wish it was that easy to get seasoned, corrupt politicians down in one shot. I suggest you spend your hard earned money on these con men and you won’t feel cheated!

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Aubrey D Souza Site:Bookmyshow

The movie is about the hustle. The hustle to survive. This story keeps you hooked. The acting and characters are outstanding. The movie’s soundtrack transports you back in time. The cinematography is crisp and personal. Since this is a movie about con-artists, you will obviously be trying to figure how it is done. Word of advice, don’t try. The twist and the con job is sudden and rather fun when it happens. A definite must-watch movie with an amazing cast and brilliant performances. In the end, it’s all about the hustle.

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    A Delicious comic-con film that is not so common con film! Delightful Watch!! [4/5]

    With an opening line that says “Some of this actually happened”, David O. Russell’s Oscar Nominated crime-comedy drama AMERICAN HUSTLE turns out to be one of the most delightful con films I have seen. Credit goes to the categorically best ensemble star-cast that serves you with the most delicious performances you have ever tasted. This is one of those films that have an interesting brigade of actors playing juicy, buoyant and dynamic characters you take home for a very very long time in your heart.

    When Richard DiMaso- an FBI agent [played by Bradley Cooper] busted the illegit exercises of 2 con-artistes Irving Rosenfeld [Christian Bale] and Sydney Prosser [Amy Adams] in cheating people with fake impersonation of a loan approval agency, he didn’t have the slightest notion in his weirdest dream that his assessment to go a step further & entail these two in his operation to capture some more big shots on camera could be a heart-piercing roller-coaster ride of his lifetime.

    Christian Bale again surprises you with his extensive physical transformation as a paunchy, bald & aging Irving Rosenfeld swaying and swinging between his new partner-in-crime Sydney and his wife-in-broken marriage Rosalyn [played by Jennifer Lawrence]. He is a smartass but don’t expect him to be other than just a rotten husband when he is with his big-mouthed unreasonable wife. Watch him in the opening scene where he is busy dressing his hair-streaks to conceal the bald surface. He’s terrific.

    Amy Adams plays the other con-artist in love with Irving but after revelation that he is a married guy, wants to move out in desperation only to find a possible match in Richie- the FBI guy. She shows extreme confidence in her character with a ‘go-get it’ attitude with a flair of jealousy & resentment in parts.

    Bradley Cooper’s enthusiastic, animated & restless Richie provides good laugh especially in an on-going gag with his superior agent where the later tells him a story about his father and brother…and the fidgety Cooper tries his hands every time to guess the end & find the moral behind it but ends up maddening him even more.

    Jennifer Lawrence charms the screen as thousands of neon gets lit in one spark. Though she played a typical ‘never in control’ housewife with her ‘god only knows’ analysis of situations, she oozes you with her frivolous facetious attitude. Watch her in the side-splitting ‘microwave’ scene. Jeremy Runner Plays a sober, well-intended mayor who gets trapped while striving to do better for their people. Robert De Nero’s cameo as the mob-head is a satisfying surprise.

    Getting these many dominant faces in one frame or film is not the only highlight of David O Russell’s AMERICAN HUSTLE. The writing with witty lines, remarkable characters, the performances, set & production design with eyes of detailing, impressive direction, not-so-overdramatic twists in the tale and last but not the least, the emotional inconsistency in every character, as Irving says in the film, “not everyone is black or white but grey”, are what make this story of changing sides in the game of love & hustling people set in corrupt political scenario not just any other common con film but a delicious Comic-Con movie you’ll enjoy thoroughly! [4/5]

  2. Great plot, cast superbly acted, special mention to Jennifer Lawrence for her well deserved academy award nomination performace
    Excellent Movie [5/5]

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