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Dhoom 3 Worldwide Box Office Collection: Highest Grossing Bollywood Movie of All time in World

Dhoom 3 Ten Days Worldwide Box Office Collection

Dhoom 3 10 Days Till date Box Office Collection
Producer  Figure:
Total till now India: Rs 227.83 Crore Nett 
Hindi Version: Rs 216.66 Crore Nett
Tamil+Telugu: Rs 11.17 Crore Nett
 Second Sunday  Collection : Rs 16.71 Crore

Total Worldwide: 425.17 Crore Gross ($68.57 Million)

Trade Figure:
India Total: Rs 220.28 Crore Nett 
Hindi Version: Rs 209.11 Crore Nett
Tamil+Telugu: Rs 11.17 Crore Nett
Second Sunday  Collection : Rs 16.61  Crore

Total Worldwide: 415.13 Crore Gross ($66.95 Million)

( This is highest in the world for a bollywood movie)


128.99 Crore or $20.86 Million so far via reported screens (studio estimates) Pakistan updated data not available yet.


in Local Currency
in Rupees
AED 19.282 Million
Rs 32.47 Crore
USA & Canada
$ 6.817 Million
Rs 42.27 Crore
UK & Ireland
£ 1,976,538
Rs 20.24 Crore
PKR 12.36 Crore
Rs 7.25 Crore
A$ 1,472,874
Rs 8.08 Crore
New Zealand
NZ $442,051
Rs 2.23 Crore
Rest of the World
$ 1.796 Million
Rs 11.14 Crore
$ 20.86 Million
Rs 128.99 Crore

As per trade Movie is now the highest grossing movie of All time in India in Hindi beating Chennai express 208.44 Crore mark

As per producer figure it still needs to beat the Rs 244.92 Crore mark of Krrish 3 a number which Bollywood Trade disputes but which it should comfortably beat in a day or two.

It has now comfortably beaten the Second Weekend record of 3 idiots which has stood for 4 years
It is all set to become highest grossing movie of all time in all  of overseas  as well as highest grossing movie worldwide.

Day Wise breakup 

Producer Figure
Trade figure
Day 1
Rs 36.22 Crore
Rs 33.53 Crore
Day 2
Rs 33.36 Crore
Rs 31.5 Crore
Day 3
Rs 38.03 Crore
Rs 36.93  Crore
Day 4
Rs 21.71 Crore
Rs 20.3  Crore
Day 5
Rs 20.14 Crore
Rs 19.91  Crore
Day 6
Rs 25.52 Crore
Rs 24.91  Crore
Day 7
Rs 14.01 Crore
Rs 14.54  Crore
Day 8
Rs 10.1 Crore
Rs 10.31  Crore
Day 9
Rs 12.04 Crore
Rs 11.94 Crore
Day 10
Rs 16.71 Crore
Rs 16.61 Crore
Rs 227.83 Crore
Rs 220.28  Crore

Producer Figure: Box Office Collection figures released by producers of the movie.

Trade Figure: Figures Released by distributors and exhibitors of the movie made from summing the individual reported collections from each territory.

Due to lack of tracking in single screens both the figure are close estimates by respective groups.
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