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Chennai Express Worldwide Box Office Collection

Chennai Express Box Office Collection 

Chennai Express Total India Collections till  now
As per Distributors: 208.44 Crore Nett ( Highest By Any movie in India)
As per Producers: 226.70 Crore Nett

Movie run is almost over

Chennai Express Approx Total Worldwide Collections:
 Rs 395 Crore Gross ( As per Distributors )
 Rs 420 Crore Gross ( As per Producers )

 CE  is  now a All Time Blockbuster movie.

It is also now amongst Top 10 Bollywood Movies in India

Chennai Express Profit: 
Cost of Chennai Express to UTV 105 Crore + 25 Crore SRK fee which is actually  part of distribution profits: 130 Crore. Approximate 150 Crore will be breakeven point for UTV to get the required distribution share.

Individual Costs: 

  • Production Cost: 50 Crore
  • Print and Advertising Budget: 30 Crore
  • Rohit Shetty and Team Fee: 15 Crore
  • Red Chillies : 15 Crore
  • SRK Distribution Share: 25 crore

Note: All numbers estimated by trade.
Chennai Express Costing :
Producer Red Chillies Entertainment has already made under-production profits by pre-selling the all-world rights to producer-distributor UTV Motion Pictures at 105 crore.

UTV Motion pictures has got a guarantee of getting 55 Crores through Satellite and music Sales.

Chennai Express Satellite rights
 UTV Motion pictures have sold the Satellite rights of the movie to Pen India (agency for Zee TV) for a minimum of 48 Crores. The deal links the film’s satellite price to the box office collections. If Chennai Express crosses the cut-off amount, which is said to be around Rs 130 crore, then for every Rs 10 crore net collection after that, the producers get an additional Rs 2 crore.

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  1. Shahrukh means. Shahi rukh , the king style nd wen king is on the move , evry body has to move aside , whether it may Amir, Salman,or hrithik nd ranbir. Jab baadshah chalte hai to hawaien ka rukh badaljata hai .

  2. Srk is de cause for longest running bollywood movie at maratha mandir Mumbai. Imagine guys 18 yrs nd still running. He is more popular than tomcruise, amitabh bachhan, rajnikant. World wide. In Italy young girls holding banners like shahrukh. I want u r babies. Imagine guys de shahukh mania.

  3. Sharukh is the king of all khan

  4. He is more popular than tomcruise, amitabh bachhan, rajnikant.

    Hahaha sharukh khan should dream he is above amitabh bachan. Amitabh bachan have make better movies what you can learn and better story srk khan is a little guy never comes above ab hahah ab has done great job. He will be never come above ab many srk khan movies I didn't even like ab has more quality in skills with acting hahaha. you all are sooo stupid to said srk is better than ab in your dreams hahaha.

    srk is crying his movie become flopped scare of his name.

  5. Film ki starting or ending achi thi, beech main to bas ghaseeta hai film ko
    All over dekha jaye to itni achi nai thi

  6. SRK ki wajase ye movie chalgai rohit warna katora leke nikal jana padta

  7. abe Chennai exp. Me kuch .nahi hai sab SRK ka kamal hai. Rohit is bekar bakwas saleko gadi udaneke sewa kuchnahi malum.agar SRK na hota to ye movie ko koi puchta nahi.

  8. Srk sucks….

  9. Dada kondke rocks….

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