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Sixteen Hindi Movie Review

Sixteen  Rating: 2.8/5

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Sixteen  Movie Review

Ratings:3/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

SIXTEEN captures the life of teens as they go through their loves and heartaches, dreams and destructions in their school, home and the outside world. While the premise may seem basic or one-dimensional, director Raj Purohit ensures that he packs in quite a bit in those 2+ hours. Actually, Purohit makes a genuine attempt to narrate not one, but varied stories in the film and each of them, in some way, mirrors the lives of youngsters who stand on the threshold of adulthood. There are moments that startle you, not because the director presents it in the exaggerated form, but because the Gen X thinks and converses so differently in the present day. On the whole, SIXTEEN is well-intentioned and tackles relevant issues, although the second half could’ve been sharper. Good watch!

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Karan Anshuman Site:Mumbai Mirror

Perhaps Sixteen tries to appease to one audience too many. Teens of course, who will seek empathy in the story and its characters, but also adults. Here the filmmakers try to interpret teenage thoughts for those who once when through it themselves but only have a few selective memories to latch on and laugh off. The times have changed too of course but despite the modus operandi turning to technology, the basic principles of teen angst hasn’t altered much. Hormones still rage, vices are still cool, but all teenagers eventually come of age.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Renuka Vyavahare Site:Times Of India (TOI)

Purohit wisely addresses the issues that deserve to be mentioned. Peer pressure, relationship issues, s**, unplanned pregnancy, academic pressure, suicide, MMS scandals, surfing adult content on the net in spite of being under 18…almost all significant issues are maturely handled and presented. Nowhere do you feel too much is being served at one go. Although sluggish pace is what dampens the impact, as the filmmaker slips into an artistic mode every now and then.However, the film has its limitations. It focuses on the dilemmas of the rich kids, thus catering to urbane youth. Beverly Hills, 90210 in a way…

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Saibal Chaterjee Site:NDTV

Sixteen might be sweet but it is ‘a tough place to be’. In debutant director Raj Purohit’s sparkling little gem of a film, that home truth isn’t a mere homily. Sixteen is certainly good, if not great, cinema. It takes the viewer into a world that one can easily identify with, a world where the shenanigans of youth often threaten to snowball into full-fledged crises. Sixteen pulls no punches when it matters. But it remains a warm, endearing film even when it gets down to tackling the bitter truths of life. Simple but never simple-minded, this is a must watch.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

Sometimes you go in with zero advance knowledge of the film, and it surprises you. Sixteen does exactly that, giving you a bunch of mostly well-to-do Delhi-based 16 year olds, and their brand of confused, teenage angst, observed with a fair degree of sharpness and humour. There is heartbreak, and heartache here, minus exaggeration. And some life-affirming scenes, even if the film nearly ends on a lecture about how 16-year-olds can be the most misunderstood breed. This Sixteen is slight, but stays fresh and honest for the most part.

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  1. Bollywood has always been short of coming-of-age teenage flicks [dharma productions’ GIPPI was the last in the list] that could honestly relate to a teenager’s state of mind crossing through certain kind of changing phase physically, psychologically, socially and in his/her personal understandings about the world around them.

    Debutant director Raj Purohit’s SIXTEEN sure dares to speak about issues like attaining puberty, confusing career choices, strict parental monitoring, heartbreak, first crush, anxiety over virginity, taboo sexual desires and all that have been wrapped under sheets and are very much responsible for shaping up one’s character once and for all. Though the amateurish, uncontrolled & sloppy direction eats out most of the promises it had made with its neat-clean-confident look & feel, but no one can deny that it is bold-brave and beautiful in efforts that sadly never turns as fruitful as it should have been!

    Film starts with a montage of 4 urban youngsters, each caught in different set of dramatic situations and then, the narrative takes us through their life 6 months back to establish the proceedings that lead them where they are in present. Tanisha, a gutsy girl in search of her perfect guy falls for a writer double of her age. Anu is a spoiled brat who believes in living in moments of life and is now on the verge of mental breakdown after finding dark secrets of her parents. Ashwin is shattered with his first heartbreak and is now on the run after accidently killing his highly dominating father. Nidhi, though an ardently family girl, finds a positive sign in self-pregnancy test kit and doesn't want to face her parents in embarrassment after breaking their trust.

    Now, all these situations are pretty regular whenever you think of a film on youth but what is commendable in this effort is that the director never compromises on the conviction he had of making an honest film, so you will never find any kind of gimmicks to en-cash such a bold film with sleazy cheeky lines or scenes. I also liked the way he molds story to discover a refreshing end. Performances are clumsy sometimes but okay for the most. Story drags a bit before meeting its end. Direction shows a promising upper hand in flashes. Look & feel is strictly urban […and it sure restricts it to only multiplex-audiences] as you might have seen on TV in ‘HIP HIP HURRAY’ & ‘REMIX’.

    Overall, it is an admirable effort. But we have yet to see an impressive teenage drama that blows us away completely. Watch it if you could grab a DVD, when released. Viewing on a Sunday afternoon, sitting on the couch at your home will make it more enjoyable. **[2/5]

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  4. scene h kya movie me.

  5. RATINGS: ***
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    Yet another story based on a quartet of friends hits Box Office this time. But, it's not a regular display of mischief which we are spoon fed with every now and then. Sixteen is a take on the life of Four-Teens [yet the movie is titled SixTeen ;-)] each having a different personality yet sharing a common underlying theme, "the dawn of adulthood and the resultant challenges". Throwing light on some of the intricate yet interesting thoughts which resonate in our mind during those days, Sixteen attempts to shed off societal taboo affixed to the youth.

    Shot in Delhi, Sixteen is a story of four urbane teens (3 chicks and a chap) who during their transition to maturity comes across many of the experiences shared by today's youth (love, lust, sex, heartbreaks, etc.). Tanisha (Wamiqa) is awaiting her prince charming while nurturing a notion that none of her age chaps fits her definition; Anu (Isabelle) is a voluptuous girl who is a wannabe model; Nidhi (Mehak) in being an upright girl is waiting for an ironic turn of events to lose her virginity while Ashwin (Highpill) is a reticent guy who is under constant pressure from his father to be an IAS officer. However, the movie is more focused on three girls and thus is a welcome change in the time of Bromance.

    All the four protagonists in attainment of their ambition combats several rough patches potent enough to throw their smooth ride into a muddle. Several of the roadblocks emanates out of their peer pressure, parents' over protective behavior and dilemmas of youth. The plot may not be novel but the narrative makes it an interesting watch.

    A luscious flow of dialogues, uneasy situations and a silly tact of teens makes the movie a refreshing experience. The performances dint look refined to me but their very own amateurishness adds to the taste of the movie. Debutant director, Raj Purohit has done a decent role in identifying with lead characters and presenting them over silver screen. However, despite having a snazzy on screen display, the movie could not be sharper thanks to unnecessary songs(a Bollywood curse) and some futile scenes.

    Over all, I enjoyed the movie because its coming-of-age drama has not been depicted with such an audacity in many of the Bollywood movies before. Its a sure go-go for a bunch of teens but a dicey one for parents thanks to several uncomfortable moments which they might not like to witness with their kids.

  6. Nice review! I too watched the movie and liked it

  7. I have a good story line related to love story.

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