Baadshah Telugu Movie Review

Baadshah Rating: 3.2/5

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Baadshah Telugu Movie Review

Ratings:3/5  Review By:  Karthik Pasupulate  Site:Times of India (TOI)

And this movie is all about the gags, but you would need to have the IQ of the venerable Nandamuri fan to appreciate them. The acting equally over the top and NTR creams it, however his straightened hair might just have overshadowed everything else. Also there is too much of Dookudu hangover in this movie. The packaging is all the same, but somehow it just doesn’t come together as well. After a decent first half, the film loses the plot in the second half, especially towards the end. All in all it’s the sort of movie that offers some asinine entertainment whose USP is the utter predictability it offers – mundanely amusing! Note: Try to erase all memories of Dookudu to enjoy this one, the more you forget the more you will enjoy this.

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Ratings:3.25/5  Review By:  Jeevi   Site:Idlebrain

First half of the film is okay. Second half is entertaining the moment Brahmanandam’s character is introduced. The entire ‘psycho splitism’ episode featuring Brahmanandam is the lifeline of the movie. Plus points of the film are NTR and the entertainment in the second half. On the flip side, the effective picturization of the cause which turns Rama Rao into Baadshah would have made this film emotionally gripping. On a whole, Baadshah is a film that serves you with Seenu Vytla kind of entertainment using NTR and Brahmanandam in an effective way. NTR has got a film with good box office potential after a long gap. It’s up to the star power of NTR and brand value of Seenu Vytla to take it further.

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Ratings:3.25/5  Review By:  Venkat   Site:Great Andhra

As such, the film takes off on a monotonous note and there seemed to be an issue with the coloring as it appeared dull and few shades were pale. The regular scenes and the interval bang were all predictable. But the total mood gets elevated in the second half and it is a roller coaster ride of laughter in many places. If only Vaitla can start working on improvising the action, drama episodes then he will be on his way to give Tollywood’s number 1 blockbuster. It’s in routine Srinu Vaitla style but worked well with laughs again. Bottomline: This will be a ‘Baadshah’ at the box office

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Ratings:3.25  Review By:  Cheruku Raja  Site:APHerald

Srinu Vaitla managed to retain his Number 1 Entertaining Director of Tollywood title, and proved it yet again that he is best in generating entertaining films any day. As like in all other previous films of Srinu… His strength in showcasing star power of hero combined with Comedy, Crime & Mass elements came out perfectly in this flick too. Bottom – Line : Entertainment guaranty, treat for Nadamuri fans.

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Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Supergoodmovies  Site:Supergoodmovies

NTR is brilliant performance as Baadshah is the main highlight of the movie. His comedy timing is superb with Kajal and very entertaining also. Mahesh Babu’s voice over also one of the highlight here. Brahmanandam is very funny as Inspector Padmanabha Simha. He is also a major asset for the film. Brahmanandam outlook with NTR and Nasser are really awesome. Sreenu Vaitla concept from is really appreciable. The second half of the film is combo of complete entertainment. Overall movie is good. Jr NTR, Kajal’s Baadshah is a successful entertainer for this summer. Sparkling performances from all the actors with a very much entertaining film. Sreenu Vaitla’s proved with almost all projects. Complete Entertainment is assured.

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