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Twilight Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Review

Twilight Breaking Dawn-2 Rating: 2.42/5

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Twilight Breaking Dawn-2 Movie Review

Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN (IBNLive)

How ironic that a film whose characters can zip across forests faster than deer should be so slow and laborious itself! Breaking Dawn – Part 2, fifth and final installment in the cheesy but immensely popular Twilight movie franchise, is a film unlikely to appeal to anyone but hardcore fans who’ve been consistently forgiving of its many shortcomings. I’m going with a generous two out of five for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. For anyone who doesn’t worship the franchise, this is drivel. Just be glad this is the last film!

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Srijana Mitra Das Site:Times Of India (TOI)

There’s potential for exciting drama here but Breaking Dawn: Part 2 fades before it even begins, struggling somewhere between the now-fatigued Ed-Bella romance, stagey acting, hilariously hackneyed lines (“You guys look so good together,”) and that Stewart clenched-lip grimace.Twilight fans will undoubtedly troop the theatres for the finale but it’s not a fitting end to such quintessentially American drama, all folklore and fantasy, s**iness and suburbia. As Breaking Dawn-Part 2 finally closes, you’re left wishing you’d been bitten so much harder. Ouch.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff

Still, it’s not the worst Twilight movie in the series. That distinction is still safe with the awfully mawkish and excruciatingly long, New Moon. After a photogenic beginning and lackluster middle, Breaking Dawn redeems itself at the fag end with a gruesome but emphatic imagery of Bella in labour, setting a precarious tone for the concluding chapter of the franchise. Except that nearly two hours are wasted in establishing very little, underscoring the needless yet exploitative exercise of splitting a volume into two.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Maleeva Rebello Site:DNA

For a series that started with a bang, Breaking Dawn — Part 2 ends the Twilight saga on the same note. This film has to be the second best in the series after the first film, Twilight, and brings it to a fitting end.Twilight fans who liked the not-so-well made films like New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn — Part 1 will love this film. But for the rest who are looking to catch a movie this weekend, Breaking Dawn — Part 2 is worth a watch. It may not be the best film ever, but is well-made with all the elements of a good film.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Roshni Devi Site:Koimoi

What’s Good: The music; the action in the climax; that the franchise finally ends. What’s Bad: The mediocre performances; the boring story. Watch or Not?: If you are a fan of the Twilight series, here’s the final part that will put at ease. If not, save your money. Only die-hard fans of the Twilight saga need to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and that too just for closure. If haven’t watched any earlier, no need to start now.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Manhola Dargis Site:New York Times

Despite the slow start Mr. Condon closes the series in fine, smooth style. He gives fans all the lovely flowers, conditioned hair and lightly erotic, dreamy kisses they deserve. Just as smartly he also shakes the series up with an unexpectedly fierce, entertaining battle that finds the Cullens, flanked by their wolf friends and various vampire allies, facing down the Volturi. Set on a snowy field, this whirlwind of clashing fangs and flying fur rouses Bella to action. It also injects the movie with an invigorating energy that the movies have rarely sustained since the first “Twilight,” when Catherine Hardwicke, a messy but spirited director, introduced Bella and Edward. It turns out that there’s something to be said about watching these two lovebirds tap into their inner monsters. It’s bloody good fun while it lasts.

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