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Taken 2 Review

Taken 2 Rating: 2.5/5

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Taken 2 Movie Review

Ratings:3/5  Review by Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN (IBNlive)

Despite its plot being just as far-fetched as the earlier film, Taken 2 has an inherent disadvantage compared to its predecessor, which is that it doesn’t have that element of novelty and unpredictability that the 2008 film benefited from. The action here involves some cool rooftop chase scenes a la Bourne, and at least one thrilling car chase sequence. The hand-to-hand fight scenes, meanwhile, are edited to appear so frantic that you’re denied the satisfaction of watching a good ol’ fashioned visceral punch-up. Still, the movie never takes itself too seriously, dutifully delivering exactly what you expect from it – a committed leading man who looks like he actually possesses both the smarts and the chops to take on a dozen bad guys single-handedly, and a pace so brisk, you have little time to process what’s happening.I’m going with three out of five for Taken 2. Given that it’s all over in 90 minutes, it’s not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon.

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Ratings:3/5 Review by Bryan Durham Site:Times of India (TOI)

Screenwriter Luc Besson and director Olivier Megaton play to their strengths. Liam Neeson mouths the cheesy lines and still sounds believable. If you’re a fan of the actor or films with a similar storyline, you will enjoy this one. The car chases and the hand-to-hand fight scenes are not to be missed. Despite his bad-man act, Rade as Murad plays a convincing father driven mad by grief and your heart does reach out to him, never mind the evil he so clearly embodies. Also, this is one of those revenge flicks where you know how it could end but you’ll strap on your seatbelt and go along for the ride anyway.Tip-Off: If you aren’t a fan of violence and gore, you would be better off skipping certain scenes.

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Ratings:2/5 Review by Daniel Pinto Site:DNA

Taken 2 seeks offers the pedal-to-the-metal action against a backdrop of some foreign locale. Unfortunately, with the larger story just about adding up, thrills are hard to come by (There’s just so much fun to be had from watching thickly accented goons – mandatorily unshaven – being dropped like flies hovering over baklava). Watch Taken 2 if it makes your day to (once again) see a credible actor playing the brute, though this time engaging in an unimaginative combat with hoardes of the constantly misfiring ungroomed goons of Anatolia.

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Ratings:2/5 Review by Pratyush Cavutur Site:Book My Show

When you watch movies such as Taken or The Bourne series, the only thing that you think post the movie would probably be “It would be so cool to be a CIA operative”. Taken 2 is pretty much the same old drill.Taken 2 is pretty much similar to the first edition of the movie. There is nothing new in the movie. It follows a straight story, some stunning action and a more muscular looking Liam Neeson.The movie is filled with action and the usual dialogues. There are definitely some scenes that are brilliantly executed but some of them would make you want to pinch yourself.Action and Liam Neeson fans will enjoy this. The rest can afford to give it a miss.

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