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Bhoot Returns Review

Bhoot 2 Rating: 1.5/5

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Bhoot Returns Movie Review

Ratings:2/5  Bhoot Returns Review by Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN (IBNlive)

The flimsy plotting notwithstanding, Varma succeeds in keeping you on the edge during the first half of the film by relying on old tricks like an eardrum-splitting background score and some crazy camera angles. From above a ceiling fan and under a glass table, to behind a television set and inside a basin, Varma indulges his obsession with unlikely camera placements, and exploits 3D effectively to create a sense of foreboding.Alas, the film nosedives almost immediately after interval. Bhoot Returns is no Paranormal Activity, although it does borrow at least three key moments from that popular horror franchise. It’s not entirely a waste of time either, because Varma does deliver a few good scares. I’m going with two out of five for Bhoot Returns. It’s the kind of film that the phrase ‘time-pass entertainment’ was invented to describe.

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Ratings:1.5/5  Bhoot Returns Review by Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

In Bhoot Returns though RGV uses the mandatory props to scare you [the movement of the camera, the knocks and screams et al], BHOOT RETURNS fails to jolt you. Also, there’s hardly any grip in the screenplay. Even the 3D experience is non-happening. Let’s not compare BHOOT RETURNS with the Hollywood inspirations. But when one compares it with RGV’s own creations [RAAT, BHOOT and PHOONK], one realizes BHOOT RETURNS ranks lowest on the list. After raising the bar of horror films with BHOOT, RGV lets you down badly this time.

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Ratings:1.5/5  Bhoot Returns Review by Anupama Chopra Site:Star World

Bhoot Returns is essentially watered-down Ram Gopal Varma mixed with Paranormal Activity. This family is so bland that it really doesn’t matter whether they live or die. Even Varma’s Phoonk, also about a little girl, which had a menacing crow and an unintentionally funny tantric, had more scary moments than this. Bhoot 2 is a film that Varma could have made in his sleep. I wonder if he did. I’m going with one and a half stars.

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Ratings:—-  Review by Komal Nahta Site:ETC

Ravi Shankar’s story is ordinary and offers no novelty. The screenplay concentrates on creating fear right through the drama. A good part of the film is devoted to the build-up of the ghost and only the climax has scenes of horror. In that sense, the audience loses patience even though the film has a running time of just 90 minutes.On the whole, Bhoot Returns is not as thrilling and chilling as it should’ve been. Having taken a poor start, it cannot hope to do well at the box-office as word of mouth for it won’t be positive. Of course, it will not entail too much loss as its budget is limited and it has also been released in Tamil and Telugu.

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Ratings:2/5  Review by Madhureeta Mukherjee Site:Times of India (TOI)

we understand that Ram Gopal Verma is ‘possessed’ with bhoot-pret (genre), but the problem with this paranormal story (where incidents unfold only between the couple’s bedtime and wake-up time) is that everything about it is just plain (in a para) – Normal! ‘Bhoot Returns’, but with no story to tell, until the last twenty minutes, when Ms. Bhoot finally comes out of the closet, and scares for a few seconds. In fact, this wannabe fear-fest is more like a rehash of Ramu’s ‘Vaastu Shastra’, and sadly a far, far stretch from the original ‘Bhoot’.

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Ratings:2.5/5  Bhoot Returns Review by Rohit Khilnani Site:Rediff

In Bhoot he played with sound effects and now in Bhoot Returns he has sound effects along with 3D! His standard under-the-table shots work very well in the 3D format. For those who enjoy the horror genre, Bhoot Returns has enough to offer.The first half of the film has quite a few nail biting scenes but post interval, the movie gets over on a rather abrupt note. The end credits roll in no time, leaving you with a sense that there’s more to the story that’s missing. Bhoot was much better than Bhoot Returns and if Ramu plans to continue the series he should only return with it if he can raise the bar from his first installment.Watch Bhoot Returns if you are a fan of horror flicks, the 3D experience will do justice to your money.

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Ratings:2/5  Review by Shubhra Gupta Site: Indian Express

Bhoot Returns’ gives us horror in 3D which serves to enhance the claustrophobia. But that and the occasional scary moments are offset by predictable writing and pedestrian acting by all its protagonists ( including Koirala on the comeback trail) except for the little girl, who does her job effectively. The best part? It is all of a snappy 88 minutes.

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Ratings:1.5/5  Review by Kanika Sikka Site:DNA

Bhoot Returns has every element that a 90s or even early 2000s horror film demanded – a peculiar bungalow, narrow wooden staircase, creaking doors, unexplained voices, movement of furniture, a possessed doll, a swing in the garden – but it fails to bring any novelty to the genre of horror films. While the first half moves a little slow, post-interval, the movie is running to get to the conclusion.Overall, Bhoot Returns is missing the the scare factor and, god forbid, if you watch it with an audience that is easily tickled, you may not enjoy even the high points of the movie.

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Ratings:0.5/5 Review by Roshni Devi Site:Koimoi

What’s Good: The part where the policeman interrogates the family.What’s Bad: The repeated formula; the screeching music; the shoddy editing.Loo Break: Anytime.Watch or Not? Only if you want to watch a terrible rehash of a dozen done-to-death Bollywood horror movies. Ramu may have delivered some path breaking films, but Bhoot Returns will only serve as another ornament in his currently expanding Hall Of Shame.This Bhoot had no business returning. RGV could have at least saved the original Bhoot from being ruined by trying to make a sequel out of it.

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Ratings:0/5 Review by Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham

Being delivered in a 3-D format, Ram Gopal Varma had an ace up his sleeve. But instead of working for the film, the technology works against this so-called horror flick, that is comical in its execution. The movie is centered in the house itself. The couple sleeps, wakes up, go to sleep. In between, they run in circles to figure out where the strange noises are coming from.In between you don’t mind taking a nap yourself.

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