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Ishkq In Paris Review

Ishkq In Paris Rating: 2.15/5

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Ishkq In Paris Movie Review

Anupama Chopra didn’t review Ishq in Paris this week
Ratings:1.5/5  Review By:  Rajeev Masand  Site:CNN IBN (IBNLive)

Writer-director Prem Raj (formerly Prem Soni, who helmed that forgettable Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer Main Aur Mrs Khanna) piles on the clichés, slipping into a quicksand of regressive ideas and over-familiar stereotypes. The film becomes increasingly soppy in its second half, but never in a way that you truly care for its characters. And how can you anyway? Ishkq in Paris is a misguided, overwrought affair that feels way longer than its 96 minutes. I’m going with one-and-a-half out of five. Watch it if you can muster up the courage.

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Ratings:2.5/5  Review By:  Taran Adarsh  Site:Bollywood Hungama

What goes in favor of ISHKQ IN PARIS is the vibe and the chemistry between its lead actors. The love story has its moments, the humor is subtle and believable. On the flip side, the writing meanders from stimulating to wishy-washy. There are times when the film tries to be different from movies of its ilk, but doesn’t really thrive. Sure, it begins with a bang, but it continues to taper as it moves forward. The director uses melodrama to depict anxiety and trauma, but the trouble is, haven’t we watched it all in movies earlier? On the whole, ISHKQ IN PARIS is a decent fare, but its fate depends on word of mouth completely, for the film to carve a niche for itself. The delay in release [the promos had been on air for quite some time] coupled with lack of strong face-value might mar its prospects!

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Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Karan Anshuman Site:Mumbai Mirror

The problem with Ishqk in Paris is that it is too convenient a love story and ends on a faux note that is simply not who the characters are no matter how much the circumstances might’ve changed overnight for them. It is a lamentable moment for Priety Zinta, now in her twilight years as a lead actress in an ageist, unkind industry, that she has to choose a path of safety and ends up with a movie that needs a Salman Khan item. This film could’ve been so much more honest, real, gritty even. That would’ve been a worthy, valiant last stand.

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Ratings:2.5/5  Review By:  Meena Iyer Site:Times of India

Nearly one half of the film is wasted, doing precious nothing. When your patience starts to wear thin, you’re told the reason why the beautiful Ishkq is against commitment is because her French mother Marie (Isabella Adjani) has been ditched by her Indian father (Shekhar Kapur) when she was just seven. This Indo-French girl therefore lives in a cocoon; hates marriage and fears divorce. Preity Zinta’s maiden production has its aesthetics in place. Paris is enchanting. The actress is good but there ends the show.

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Ratings:1/5  Review By:  Raja Sen Site:Rediff

Maria, while beautiful, is clearly a hack, for the love story she describes is so unbearably generic that the script could have been assembled by putting together the outtakes from any number of romantic movies. Young fellow meets Manic Punjabi Dream Woman (ahem) in Paris, they Before Sunrise it for a night, and then Salman Khan pops up for a song. Textbook, truly.Ah, but even this hunk-less hunky-dory state can’t last forever. In a laughably bad heel turn, the hero goes from sap to scumbag in the space of one scene, going from cooing to cursing and berating the heroine’s family. “This is a rubbish love story,” Zinta says in the film’s most honest, self-aware moment. “I need a drink.”Ditto, miss. And you best be buying.

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Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express

This is Preity Zinta’s own production, and she could have created for herself a character that would have hewed closer to where she is right now. There are moments where you feel she was ready for it, and then the desperate-to-come-off-winsome-yet-vulnerable character takes over. So does the mandatory item number, featuring the one and only Salman Khan, whose moves could have been better. Just like the film.

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Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Tushar Joshi Site:DNA

Ishkq works in the first half with lighthearted repartee between the lead actors. The stand up act where they mimic their first date is witty and entertaining. So are some of the pick up lines and dialogues. But the second half and the climax are so predictable that you know the end before the supposed ‘change of heart’ rolls in. Watch Ishkq if you are a die-hard PZ fan. Otherwise rent the Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy starrer Before Sunrise and experience the true essence of an European setting for a romantic film.

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Ratings:–  Review By:  Komal Nahta Site:ETC

The story fails to involve the audience as the two friends behave like one-day friends and refrain themselves from getting attracted to one another, physically or otherwise. Even the comedy between Ishkq and Akash is more in dialogues and that intermittent comedy will also appeal only to the class audience. The characters of Ishkq and Akash are so unbelievable and plastic that the audience fails to connect with them.On the whole, Ishkq In Paris is a dull love story which will fail miserably at the box-office and not only because of the dull promotion and poor initial.

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Ratings:4/5  Review By:  IANS (Subhash K Jha) Site:NDTV

Preity, Paris and Prem Raj whip up a souffle romance. Fresh, frothy feel good and, yes, look good, and with a solid undercurrent of emotional frisson to guide the love story to its heart-warming culmination Ishkq In Paris makes you thankful for that thing called love. The tone of narration is unmistakably European. Welcome back, Preity. And yes, bon appetite to all moviegoers. Go, tuck in.

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Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi

What’s Good: Romantic Comedies are warm and fuzzy. What’s Bad: An overstretched story invokes a grumbling effect for the entire second part. Watch or Not?: Though I swear by romantic comedies, Ishkq In Paris did not leave a fulfilling impact on me. Despite crisp editing, it is the loose plot, not so compelling story and mostly the unconvincing chemistry which are the film’s primary drawbacks. Unless you are Priety Zinta fan, you can easily give this one a miss!

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