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Chaalis Chaurasi (4084) Movie Review

Chaalis Chaurasi

Chaalis Chaurasi Rating:  2.58/5

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Chaalis Chaurasi Movie Review

Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama

To give the credit where it’s due, CHAALIS CHAURAASI has an attention-grabbing premise and some truly wonderful scenes, but the writing lacks the energy and dynamism to keep you hooked. If the first half is lackluster, the post-interval portions are marginally thrilling, but the penultimate moments — the tryst with the terrorists — tries so hard to be funny that it falls flat on its face. In fact, the finale should’ve been the highpoint of the film.On the whole, CHAALIS CHAURAASI is inconsistent. It could’ve done with a better script!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India

The cast of Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Ravi Kissen and Zakir Hussain is enough to carry this non descript drama of Chaalis Chaurasi to dramatic heights, carrying you through several unpredictable twists and turns that you rarely find in run-of-the-mill cinema. The idea is to rob a desolate house off a defunked fake currency machine for god knows what purpose. The plan, the execution is all missing as each participant saunters his way into the trip, carrying with him his little dreams and ambitions, which make Chaalis Chaurasi what it is worth.The plot gets further complicated here as the gang poses as cops in a van to fulfill their dreams to get rich but get embroiled in a real gangster case which gives you some rib tickling moments of laughter and fun. Go, enjoy a refreshing new genre of comedy.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Preeti Arora Site:Rediff

Hriday Shetty’s latest release Chaalis Chauraasi doesn’t offer anything drastically unconventional. Corrupt cops, petty conmen, the rough-and-tough baddies…we’ve seen them all. Skilled actors sometimes rescue a film when the script is flailing. Chaalis Chauraasi is one such film.The film which starts out as a comic caper straddles genres and turns into a display of blood and gore. Aiming at an over-the-top climax, the director only succeeds in prolonging the film with amateurish, badly executed action. Chaalis Chaurasi is a one-time watch for its stellar performances.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham

Chaalis Chaurasi is a dhamaal entertainer, with suspense and comedy thrown in at crucial moments to spice up the events that happen in one night. At every turn, there’s a new twist, sometimes comical, sometimes sinister. To sum it up, director Hriday Shetty conjures up an entertainer which could be bracketed as ‘suspense comedy’. The comedy comes full-on towards the end as the suspense builds up to the grand finale. If you are looking for a film to entertain you, this one’s definitely a must-watch. The ratings are for the screenplay, camaraderie between the four main characters, the plot which is smartly woven, the suspense and the right dose of comedy.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Daily Bhaskar Site:Dainik Bhaskar

Chaalis Chaurasi although begins on a very good note with some interesting comic-timing amongst the four male leads in the film. Their unlawful acts as policemen followed by remix of famous song Hawa Hawa is quite intriguing. But, the plot looses threads due to dragged screenplay as soon as writer starts sketching their characters. The plot again gets into form post interval with some interesting twists compounded with a humour leaving one spellbound.Power-packed performances, direction, dialogues are the strengths of the film. Music, look of the film, screenplay are the weak points.On the whole, Chaalis Chaurasi is surely a one-time watch which promises to tickle your funny bone.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:SuperGoodMovies Site:SuperGoodMovies

Chaalis Chaurasi begins on a very interesting note portraying good camaraderie between the lead characters. The characterization and the background of the characters is intriguing. The only flaw about the first half is the unnecessary song and dance sequences injected. However, the second half confuses us of being of another genre. The director himself seemed confused if he is making a thriller or a comedy. The climax fight sequence looks utterly stupid and. The makers have tried to put in all the necessary masala and so Chaalis Chaurasi despite of having a talented star cast fails to impress.

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