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Dam 999 Review

Dam 999 Rating:  1.5/5

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Dam 999 Movie Review


Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:Times Of India

But seriously, the film is less about the dam and more about stuff you fail to comprehend. Like, a Raj remanent who shoots himself in his head, a marine engineer who commands a ship that catches fire out of the blue, a romance that is half-brewed and bogged down by regressive overtones about unfavourable stars, an ayurvedic doctor who thinks he is an infallible seer, a politician who serenades a pet cobra and torments his physically challenged wife with it, while duping the village folk, like most filmy politicians do. Damn! Where’s the dam? Dunno. Gotta wait an inordinate stretch to know the end. Got the patience…

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Ratings:1/5 Reviewer:Ganesh A Nadar Site:Rediff

The movie is, to put it simply, horrible. It starts at a book launch and then goes into a flashback. Its running time is slightly less than two hours and that is the only saving grace.Only 10 minutes of the film are about the dam.The rest of movie is about three love stories.We also get a moralistic message: Do not build dams. We are told that dams kill more people than nuclear bombs. This dam movie also kills you with boredom. And why did they make it in 3D?. Yawn!

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