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Shakti Telugu Movie Review

Overall Shakti Telugu Rating: 2.5/5

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

Meher Ramesh who made sure that there is a big canvas and unlimited budget to mount this story, didn’t get the emotions and screenplay right. The director has succeeded in getting the grandeur in the film with eye-feasting visuals and nice songs. But he didn’t get the believability factor to the script. First half of the movie is okay. The interval bang is effective. Second half should have been better. The plus points of the movie are NTR, grand production values and rich technical aspects. The negative points are screenplay, lack of simple story line (the story is too complex) and emotional quotient. On a whole, Shakti would have been good with a better execution from the director.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:Great Andhra

Except for one or two scenes, there is not a single scene which strikes a chord. Cinematic liberties are accepted but the director must concentrate on getting the audience to connect with his story first. After that, even if he shows something illogical, the audience won’t mind it. But right from the first scene, things have been stale and lacked any emotion.At the box office, the openings might be good due to the star power and the hype about the budget but apart from that, the film is sure to fizzle out due to weak content.Bottomline: Shakti appeals to the director but peels the skin of the audience

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajmani Site:Rediff

Shakti is touted to be one of the most expensive films in Telugu.The lavishness is visible in the special effects, sets, locations and action sequences.However, all this seems unimpressive in the face of the storyline where mythology comes together with reality to produce a tale that is rather long and outdated in today’s times and tedious to watch.Needless to say the story lacks clarity and there is no logical thread either.As a result, the audience has to bear the tedium and the meandering plot.The journey seems endless and one has to endure it with all the song-dance sequences courtesy NTR and Ileana.Sadly Shakti does not seem to have much ‘shakti’ to sustain. Even NTR tries to save the film but cannot do a lot.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Moviebuzz Site:Sify

The story is nothing but the weird imagination of director (also story writer) Meher Ramesh..A major drawback of Shakti is that Meher Ramesh failed to club the periodic frames with the contemporary story. The flashback doesn`t suit the time factor.In some vital scenes, the director simply copied the Magadheera format and applied it on NTR. The hairstyle and the warrior getup of Ramcharan on NTR is a big vexation to the audience, particularly to his fans.Technically speaking, there is no screenplay at all, but the senseless play of the director`s wild and stoic imagination. But for NTR, the entire theatres would turn empty before the first half could roll down.

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 Ratings: Reviewer:–Site:Andhravilas

Shakti begins on a entertaining note with the comic scenes between NTR and Ileana and her friends. The story however does not move much. The interval bang when NTR’s real identity is revealed raises the expectations of the audiences. However, director Mehar Ramesh falters inthe second half. The flashback episode is supposed to be the highlight of the film. While it is okay, it does not exactly set the screen on fire. Shakti is a big budget film but director Mehar Ramesh has not got it right fully. The film is also a bit too long – may be 20 to 25 minutes longer than necessary.Shakti is a standard Jr. NTR film but it is not a great film. You can watch it when you have free time.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:–Site:Supergoodmovies

Even after ignoring logical errors, Shakti seems unconvincing and meaningless due to the lackluster script. The narrative too weak that you lose focus on the happenings within no time. First half of the film is sheer time waste. Interval twist is borrowed from Pokiri again.The flashback part involving Rudra character has to be the lifeline for this film. But sadly that has turned out to be the major disaster.Shakti is a major disappointment for all the hype it generated. Now the economics of this film completely depend upon the fate of other releases and holidays season. Given its budget and the high rates it was sold for, Shakti would find it really tough to get into a safe zone.

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Ratings:–/5 Reviewer:Sunita Chaudhary Site:Cinegoer

Too many plots, too many items to be retrieved, interlinking of a period drama with not so contemporary story that is difficult to believe. Nothing about the script that will hold your attention, the first half is atleast tolerable and will raise your curiosity levels but post interval it pulverizes. We may have the best actors in the world but if they are not supported by good writing they have lost the battle, there isn’t a single line that will make your memory jog or that will propel you to remember some thing because despite all the expressions and distorted looks, the emotional connect goes missing, not a tear drop to move you. Finally what you don’t complain is the awe-inspiring background, the glorious sets that look so genuine that you’d really wish the writing is as authentic as the visual beauty.

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