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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Queen Fourty One Days Worldwide Box Office Collection :Crosses Worldwide 90 Crores

Queen Box Office Collection

Trade Figure:
India Total till date: 59.04 Crore Nett

Producer Figure:
61 Crore Nett

92.97 Crore gross

Week 6:
0.95 Crore

Fifty Two Days: $ 2,220,483 or 13.67 Crore gross.

in Local Currency
in Rupees
Rs 7.27 crores
Rs 1.26 crores
UAE & Gulf
1,789,496 AED
Rs 2.96 Crore
UK & Ireland
£ 206,962
Rs 1.59 Crore
A$ 15,878
Rs 8.92 Lakhs
$ 2.22 Million
Rs 13.67 Crore

Week 5:
Fifth Thursday: 16 Lakhs
Fifth Wednesday : 18 Lakhs
Fifth Tuesday: 25 Lakhs
Fifth Monday : 20 Lakhs
Fifth Sunday: 60 Lakhs
Fifth Saturday: 40 Lakhs
Fifth Friday: 25 lakhs

Week 4:
Fourth Thursday: 0.69 Crore nett
Fourth Wednesday: 0.71 crore nett
Fourth Tuesday: 0.73 Crore Nett
Fourth Monday: 0.79 Crore Nett
Fourth Sunday1.64 Crore Nett
Fourth Saturday: 1.32 Crore Nett
Fourth Friday: 0.87 Crore nett

Week 3:
Third Thursday: 1.07 Crore nett
Third Wednesday1.1 Crore Nett
Third Tuesday1.13 Crore Nett
Third Monday: 1.17 crore Nett
Third Sunday: 3.84 crore Nett
Third Saturday: 2.46 Crore nett
Third Friday: 1.27 Crore nett

Week 2:
Second Thursday: 1.63 Crore Nett
Second Wednesday: 1.77 Crore Nett
Second Tuesday: 2.67 Crore Nett
Second Monday: 3.02 Crore Nett
Second Sunday: 4.3 Crore Nett
Second Saturday: 3.84 Crore Nett
Second Friday: 2.14 Crore nett

Week 1:
Friday: 1.94 crore Nett
Saturday: 3.37 crore Nett
Sunday: 4.01 Crore nett
Monday: 2.31 Crore nett
Tuesday: 2.04 Crore nett
Wednesday: 2 Crore nett
Thursday : 2.12 Crore nett

Queen has trended amazingly with a slightly higher week 2 than week 1.

 Purely running on word of mouth movie has done well in pockets where it was least expected such as Bihar where usually such multiplex movies  are a washouts and only stay on screens for a day or two.  Queen is headed to take a 30 lakh +  collections in Bihar which is a breakthrough.

Ragini MMS which has opened wide and well will be a threat to Queen's collections in week 3 but it is still expected to hit 50 crore mark and reach close to Kahaani's lifetime collections.

Queen is the first hit of 2014 with solid profits for everyone involved.

Comparative  First Week:
Lunchbox: 12 Crore
Paan Singh Tomar: 7 Crore
Gangs of Wasseypur: 17 Crore
Hasee Toh Phasee: 25.5 Crore
Queen: Rs 17.79  Crore

Queen has improved throughout its run with second weekend set to be higher than first weekend a rarity in bollywood where most movies are front loaded with first week determining its lifetime collections.

For a low budget movie it has performed very well on weekdays as well as on its second Friday its weekdays collections are  all better than first friday and if it has a good second weekend ( which has an additional benefit in terms of  holiday for Holi too on Monday) it will be a sleeper hit of the year. It has got  lot of screens for itself in its second week despite Yashraj's Bewakoofiyaan also releasing.

The number of people watching the movie were more in its weekdays than on opening day  but due to lower ticket price in weekdays overall collection remained in 2 crore+ daily range.

It is rare that movie has a better Monday and Tuesday than Friday and is a sign of good word of mouth movie and is a sign of poor awareness that the movie had which led to a poor opening on its first day.


Despite a very poor opening due to lack of awareness Queen is the best performing hindi movie this weekend beating both Gulaab Gang and Total Siyappa both in India and even in USA though the margin of difference with Gulaab Gang is not much.

Queen had also released in lowest number of screens in India and overseas amongst all three movies

However in India it has been beaten by 300 Rise of the Empire which  though  has released in four languages ( Hindi, English ,Tamil , Telugu)

Lacking in star power Queen had a week box office opening  and opened lower than Gulaab Gang but better than Total Siyappa

Rave reviews and good word of mouth meant that it has lead both on Saturday and Sunday

Collections of the movie is concentrated only among premium multiplexes.

It is a low cost movie though it has been shot on foreign locations.

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Queen Fourty One Days Worldwide Box Office Collection :Crosses Worldwide 90 Crores
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  1. buy mistake you write wedneday as tuesday......

  2. To the first anonymous, it is not buy - it should be by.

  3. sleeper hit? lol what does it mean

    1. A sleeper hit is a term used in the entertainment industry for a film that plays successfully for a long period and becomes a big success, despite having relatively little promotion or lacking a successful opening ( from wikiepedia)

  4. Sleeper hit means one which start very slow but keeps on going on basis of word of mouth to become a hit

  5. Queen was lucky that there was no competition from other films and no main stream bolly movies was released during queens second weak. Word of mouth would not have helped it if it was released with any big movie.

    1. Are you serious it came when SHADDI KE SIDE EFFECTS was doing pretty well,it came with much hyped GULAAB GANG and TOTAL SIYAPPA.And then BEWAKOOFIAN from YRF came which has an advantage of a fresh pair. But despite all these Competition QUEEN rocked.......

    2. abe chutiye, pagal hai kya? Tune dekhi bhi hai Queen movie?
      Go watch some Salman Khan starer that defies the laws of Physics so bad that Einstein takes a rebirth just to die again.

    3. AnonymousMarch 30, 2014 at 11:40 AM, you cannot abuse some one for their opinion. you frustrated Indians try to remove your frustration by abuseing or beating some one who dare to speak

    4. There were many competition but still Queen rocked...

  6. A good movie will always be a good movie, it had Shadi ke side effects around & she toppled it.

    Its a movie not to miss, irrespective of its time of release.

  7. Kangna did superb she was 2 good. But Aamir s word has just shifted collection to top gear. Aamir whatever he does or say or act turns gold... but kangna u rock n deserve all hard earned credit....

  8. A very good movie...different concept altogether...a must specially for girls....and for all...


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