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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hasee Toh Phasee Review

Hasee Toh Phasee  Rating: 3.05/5

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Hasee Toh Phasee Movie Review

Anupama Chopra Will not review Hasee Toh Phasee this week
Ratings:3/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:Masand's Verdict (CNN IBN)
Ghisa Pita formula gets a fresh coat of paint in ad-filmmaker Vinil Matthew's feature debut, 'Hasee Toh Phasee', a not-always-convincing but seldom boring romantic comedy. For the most part, Matthew and writer Harshvardhan Kulkarni stay away from standard tropes of Bollywood love triangles, choosing quirky humor over sappy sentimentality to endear their protagonists to us.I'm going with three out of five for director Vinil Matthew's 'Hasee Toh Phasee'. Despite its problems, it's pretty good fun. Go see it.
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama
HASEE TOH PHASEE dares to be distinctive. This one's *not* merely about opposites falling in love. This one's a quirky love tale involving two individuals, shades different from the mundane stuff on matters of heart. On the whole, HASEE TOH PHASEE is a bright-and-breezy, charming and refreshing rom-com that makes you smile, laugh and gets you moist-eyed at regular intervals. A qualitative film that warms the cockles of your heart. Go for it!
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Ratings:-- Review By: Komal Nahata Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business
On the whole, Hasee Toh Phasee is for the classes more than the masses. However, its very poor start on the one hand and the looming opposition of Gunday next week on the other will tell adversely on its overall performance at the box-office in the final tally.
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Meena Iyer Site:Times of India (TOI)
Hasee Toh Phasee is for the romantics who like their martinis stirred not shaken.  This romantic comedy mirrors the quirks in human nature subtly and provides humour in everyday situations; in the family and amongst friends..If you're looking to rediscover the magic of goofy love around Valentines, give HTP a shot.Note: You may not like this film if you are a die-hard romantic who only subscribes to Bollywood formula.
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Sukanya Verma Site:Rediff
Hasee Toh Phasee is that rare film that allows you to know the two people you’re investing in. And the closer you get, the more they win you over.Parineeti sinks her teeth into this misunderstood kook without a trace of self-consciousness or exaggeration. If that’s not magical enough, what Hasee Toh Phasee celebrates certainly is. That the only high you need is life, love and smiles.
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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Saibal Chaterjee Site:NDTV
It is an unpretentious little odd-couple romantic comedy. But the plot of Hasee Toh Phasee is a conundrum that takes some doing to crack. Hasee Toh Phasee, notwithstanding its rather unimaginative title and its muddled core, is a mildly diverting, if somewhat woolly-headed, entertainer held together by its unapologetically absurdist spirit. If you do not let the occasional lapses in logic get in the way, you might actually find yourself enjoying the film. Do check it out. Hasee Toh Phasee is a watchable, if not scintillating, film.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Rahul Desai Site:Mumbai Mirror
Hasee Toh Phasee' is a bedheady romantic comedy that is a bit long and has two climaxes- both of which could have overlapped, in my opinion. Nevertheless, Parineeti as Meeta is one for the ages; she is the powering force behind a well-mounted film which, for most of its 141 minutes, is a timely shot in the arm for a traditionally mishandled genre.
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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express
Hasee Toh Phasee’ wanders about figuring out whether it wants to be a contemporary rom-com, or a Gujarati-flavoured soap, or a 60s melodrama, or all of the above. This confusion confounds the film, fronted by the most talented female lead working in Bollywood right now, and makes her much less fun than she can be. That holds true for the film, too.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Suhani Singh Site:India Today
Hasee Toh Phasee is a refreshing, much-needed entry in the contemporary romcom genre, which has lately seen a series of uninspiring films. It's largely to do with the presence of an unseen pairing with great chemistry - Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra - and Mathew and writer Harshvardhan Kulkarni's perky take on love.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site: DNA
The lead pair of Sidharth and Parineeti make Hasee Toh Phasee enjoyable and believeable. This odd pairing works only because these two actors take an effort to play their characters with utmost sincerity. Watch it if you want to see a different take on modern day romance. Hasee Toh Phasee is worth a watch for a solid act put together by its lead pair.
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Ratings:-- Review By:  Sneha May Francis Site:Emirates24by7
Kulkarni does emerge with some interesting one-liners for Parineeti, but the inconsistencies and the loopholes just lead ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ to be described as mediocre fare at best. Watch it in the Valentine month if you want to please that partner, otherwise wait for a few months for the DVD.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
The film is both pleasantly surprising and utterly baffling in equal amounts. Though Vinil Mathew’s direction might not be perfect due to his lack of experience, Hasee Toh Phasee will definitely win your heart for the symbiotically arranged, pitch perfect chemistry of Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra. It was passionate and compelling, almost to make me wish that they were a real life couple and that alone becomes thew winning shot.
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Hasee Toh Phasee Review
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  1. Filmfare review http://www.filmfare.com/reviews/movie-review-hasee-toh-phasee-5317.html

  2. looks like a crap film. Only TOI reviewer has seen it i think. Total collections Re 200

  3. It has not been released yet buddy. So, even 200 is more. They are only few premier shows.

  4. Critics rating is decent Worth a watch i would say though it hardly has any buzz and will hardly have any box office collection

  5. Trailers looked very boring..not wasting my time over this..Parineeti also doing the same thing in all her flicks..yaawnn..

  6. good movie not a regular rom com............
    this movie belongs to parineeti no 2nd thought 1 of finest actress after kajol madhuri
    3.5/5 for this a genuine review for people who love bollywood don't miss this 1

  7. This movie might not have great buzz and average songs but this is genuinely a good romcom after a long time from Bollywood led by Parineeti who is a great actress. Do watch it its a 3/5 from my side

  8. Hasee toh phasee is extremely boring and has a done to death plot repeated once again from karan johar camp. Save your money for gunday coming next week than seeing this highly irritating movie.

    Parineeti rules! Writing Rocks!! One of the most refreshing Rom-Com!! [3.5/5]

    If I could really take my eyes off the extremely sweet, lovable, charming, carefree and magically inexplicable Parineeti Chopra in debutante Vinil Matthew’s ‘no non-sense’ romantic comedy HASEE TOH PHASEE, I would have certainly noticed the ‘time demands’ merger of one of the most celebrated production houses in the industry and the most promising pool of talents. No wonder the product in result comes out as one of the most refreshing, brilliantly acted, smartly written but quite a balanced in nature rom-com in recent.

    It neither forces you with the typical candy floss boy-meets-girl feel with all those unreal slow-motion shots overflowing with foot-tapping song & dance numbers and forceful melodramatic complications in the storyline. Karan Johar style of cinema masters in that league. Nor it makes you feel drained out with insipid, self-indulged, dead existent stories with layered harsh reality what Anurag Kashyap school of cinema is known for. It stands somewhere in the middle of both.

    Nikhil, played by Sidharth Malhotra is all set to loose his bachelorhood for his girlfriend Karisma [Adah Sharma] of 7 years. Just 7 days to the d-day & he happens to meet a girl from the bride-side who’s no one else but Karisma’s younger sister Meeta, played by the infectious livewire called Parineeti Chopra. She supposedly was a drug-addict. She has this weird syndrome that deals with different kind of sensations in body as described by her, “thartharahat, sarsarahat, sansanahat, gudgudahat, dagmagahat, farfarahat & more”. She takes pills to be active on life. She eats toothpastes. She blinks her eyes in a certain ‘in your face’ way. She talks faster than you imagine. She’s anything but the girl next door; still you will find it hard to look anywhere else if she’s there in the frame. You feel connected to the girl who is equally sentimental but confined & reserved in revealing the wounds from her past. Same goes with confused Nikhil who is now left with choices that could ruin or rule his life afterward.

    HASEE TOH PHASEE is a good mix of over-the-top Indian emotions with uber cool practicalities of today’s generation. So, if there is a ‘would-be Damaad’ asking for financial help from his ‘would-be Sasur’- a saree king, in the most unhesitant manner, you would also find a rigidly traditional family that could abandon their kid for life as she had once decided to run away from the house. Though the film couldn’t save itself from being conventional & convenient specifically in the storyline, it compensates that with the garden-fresh characters [Casting director Mukesh Chhabra deserves applause for giving apt faces to fill the requirement], believable performances, quirky-witty-smart writing [Harshvardhan Kulkarni takes the credit here] & a sense of pragmatism while dealing with the situations. Beautifully cinematographed & crisply edited! But the performances are above all especially Parineeti. She amazes, surprises & also manages to move your heart with her ‘blinking eyes’ presence on screen. Sidharth plays it highly confident and a total fit for the role.

    At the end, it feels good to see that the genre of romantic comedy in Bollywood is getting blessed by good grown-up writing. Watch it if you want a nice break from regular romantic love-stories! Watch not if you still believe in unreal overdramatic romance only made for cinema-screens! [3.5/5]

    1. u lost ur credibility after ur review for dhoom 3. u r sold. i have been following > year,,,would tell all my friends about ur review....u lost ur credibility...but oh man...your review writing ability...hats off

    2. True. Although I won't go on to say "u r sold" as the person above went on to say, but the fact of the matter is I trusted your review blindly & went for Dhoom3 despite Raja Sen bashing it.
      I was a fan of Aamir & his choice of films that he acts in & produces, until this garbage!
      Sadly the same holds true wid your reviews
      True the movie recieved mixed reviews. Some liked it & others like me simply loathed it, everyone has their own opinion, but I going by all your part reviews. I still can't believe you ended up rating Dhoom3 so high.
      Just can't trust them anymore, although I must say they were bang on barring Dhoom3
      Crap like Chennai Express & Dabbang 2 also didn't deserve a 2 that you ended up giving. Maybe that was just to avert d wrath of d fans who keep commenting nonsense on this thread.
      I think you need to be more honest in giving the ratings without bothering about what others think

    3. I too agree, this Gaurav guy seems to be not sold..but surprisingly the review of Dhoom 3 says otherwise , looking at his long record of honest reviews. Anyways Gaurav should seriously think about professional writing like Chetan Bhagat. You got to really work hard on humour man. Anyways, i heard from my friends, Hasee to phasee seems to have a very different treatment, watchable.

    4. Same here. For some time I found him to be worth following but not anymore. I respect his opinion but so do I do mine. No more trust him after Ranjhnaa, Ram Leela abd Dhoom 3. First one was mediocre while latter two are outright craps. Another point I have noted that he only answers to those who praise and accolade him.Lol. How ironic. A critic so closed to criticism.

    5. hi all,

      i am so sorry that i couldn't reply earlier. But if you ask me, i didn't see any queries or misconceptions about me in all of you that needed a clarification. i should have written a thank you note to all, my apologies!

      & just to make things straight and simple, i usually don't react to anybody who doesn't have a name to address. all i can say, i am all open to learn things in my way. i am not a professional reviewer, i write what i feel about movies. you may agree to it, you may not agree to it, but we all should respect each one's opinion. i respect yours...truly!

      i'll try to be more careful with what i write but i do not regret any of my previous reviews.

      keep writing but with names so that i could get you a face :)



    6. you should ignore the haters gaurav they will hate just about anybody. It may be same guy writing multple times too. Your reviews are bang on always

  10. I'm not really impressed with the movie, check out my genuine review here: http://justformoviefreaks.in/entries/hindi/hasee-toh-phasee-movie-review

  11. Parineeti.!! You're a Rockstar..!!!!

  12. Very boring and done to death movie. Parineeti is getting irritating doing simillar roles over and over again.

  13. This film looks boring, plotless and pointless. I can see why, critics like this kinda film. I'm not sure about the Audience.
    And parineeti is a big yaawn..

  14. rajeev masand is with big banners novie

  15. Ye picture dekhe to phase

  16. The film might have a poor start with a lot of unwanted sarcasm. But ignoring the sarcasm, overall plot of the film is Good. Parineeti was magnetic as always in the film. Even Siddharth did much better than his last time. I don't think there is anything to criticize the film. The movie definitely deserves at least 3 stars out of 5.

  17. The movie might have a poor starting with some unwanted sarcasm. But ignoring that part, overall plot of the film is quite Good. Parineeti is dynamic as always in the movie, but even Siddharth's performance was a notch better this time time, than his previous one. I don't think the movie deserves any criticism. It deserves at least 3 stars out of 5. The movie is worth watching. It did very well at the box office in first three days of its release. GO Watch the film.

  18. The movie might have a poor beginning with unwanted sarcasm. But ignoring that pasrt, overall plot of the film is quite good. Parineeti has definitely walked away but even Siddharth's performance was much better this time. I don't think the movie deserves any criticism but it definitely deserves at least 3 stars out of 5. The movie is very entertaining. You must go and watch it.

  19. hand on heart
    hasee dekho toh public phasee
    one of the most boring films since gori tera......
    give the koffee a break karan and koncentrate on your movies

  20. One of the best rom coms to come out of Bollywood in recent times..the chemistry between the leads is magical..Parineeti chopra stands out with her best performance so far..music is also superb..over all a must watch for romantics..for others (like some people commented above) who never had love in their lives it will appear yawn inducing, boring and all that..rest be assured that it will make you laugh, cry and happy...

  21. Solid emotional romantic comedy after so many days ..4 out of 5 dont miss it songs also good with situation...

  22. Movie
    character and songs so lovely that u cant forget it so many days surely
    its emotional romantic comedy slow pace is need of the movie so keep
    pationce and watch movie u surely enjoy it its new different love story

  23. ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ is probably one of the cheesiest lines used on females, especially in Bollywood. Taking on the tradition further, director Vinil Mathew comes up with a rom-com titled the same. Is this rom-com different from the usual ones we see? Let us find it out.

    Nikhil (Sidharth Malhotra) is a struggling businessman who is about to get married to Karishma (Adah Sharma). Karishma comes from a gujarati family and has a geek sister, Meeta (Parineeti Chopra), who had run away 7 years before to China for completing a project. Meeta has her unique set of ideas and a completely different mind from the rest. She has come to meet her father who she missed the most. What happens when Nikhil meets Meeta and the khichdi actually starts to sprinkle its taste?

    The big question would be: Was the whole khichdi satisfactory enough?
    Yes, would be my answer. Hasee toh Phasee delivers what it promises. It is hard to find a good one on that genre these days. Director, Vinil Mathew has to be given the praise for the execution of some scenes. Though, many a people might find it a bit slow and boring in the first half.

    Parineeti completely steals the show. It is definitely her film. Be it the expressions, the dialogues or anything else, she just leaves an impact. Sidharth Malhotra has definitely improved over his last film. Adah Sharma is okay. You would also find Manoj Joshi and Sharat Saxena to tickle your bones up.

    Overall, Hasee Toh Phasee becomes successful in trapping you up for a 2 hour masala entertainment. Do watch it for this Drama Queen (Parineeti Chopra) once.

    Rating- 3/5

    Log on to www.rohitrupani.blogspot.in for more reviews.

  24. All
    songs awesome like...ishq bulava ...manchala......zehnaseeb...punjabi
    wedding....drama queen....shake it like shammy..all wonderful

  25. omg koi siidrath se kho acting me serious dikhaye har scene me he give only a same expression he have to improve on that or it good he return to his ad or he can become a good model but not a role model in movies

  26. i would say a boring picture with a sweet title. i really can't understand the theme behind the story. in fact, this is 1 of the most boring cinemas i had ever seen..

  27. a boring picture with a sweet title


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