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CJ So Cool Net Worth 2022 : Age , Height , Weight , Wife

CJ So Cool has a net worth of $ 6 Million. His real name is Cordero James Brady and his source of income is by being a YouTuber which he has been doing since December 2014.

CJ So Cool Net Worth & Key Stats

Net Worth: $6 Million
Real Name: Cordero James Brady
Source of wealth: Youtube
Relationship status: Committed
Date of Birth: March 29, 1989
Age: 32 years
Gender: Male
Height: 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Profession: Youtuber
Wife:  Charlene Young (Royalty)
Nationality: American

CJ So Cool whose real name is Cordero James Brady was born in Gary in Indiana in the United States of America and is famous for his youtube channel where he has nearly 9 million subscribers.

CJ So Cool Biography/ Wiki

He used to work as a poker dealer also handling casino craps and blackjack early on in his life. He makes a lot of videos about his kids and it can be seen that he loves his kids by the gifts that he gives them.

CJ So Cool Career

He grew his channel by uploading reaction videos directed at viral videos , prank videos and no laugh challenges. His Reaction videos have caused controversies with YouTubers complaining that he stole videos that he was reacting to. This action resulted in him getting negative reactions from many different YouTube personalities including PewDiePie, iDubbbzTV, GradeAUnderA, and jacksfilms who criticized him.
He has received criticism for his content that sometimes his content isn’t funny. One such incident was when he mixed laxatives in his children’s food and then CJ went on filming a video even though the kid was in pain .

CJ’s account was hacked and all his videos were deleted, but 700 of them got restored and re-uploaded back online within a week by youtube. He now gets 2000 new subscribers every day which makes him one of the fastest rising YouTubers out there today.

Frequently Asked Questions

CJ So Cool Wife/ Girlfriend/ Relationships

CJ So Cool is married to fellow YouTuber Charlene Young (Royalty)

How Old is CJ So Cool: Age & Date of Birth

32 years and March 29, 1989, is hIs date of birth.

How tall is CJ So Cool

5 feet 6 inches or 1.7 m is CJ So Cool’s height

How much does CJ So Cool Weight

CJ So Cool weighs around 63 Kgs or 139 pounds.

How did CJ So Cool get famous?

CJ is famous for his youtube videos

What does CJ So Cool For a Living

CJ So Cool is a full-time social media influencer focussing on youtube.

CJ So Cool Marital Status

CJ So Cool is currently married

CJ So Cool Family / Children

He has twins with his current wife Royalty named Cordayaha and Cordero Jr who were born in 2020. He has another daughter Camari from his last relationship while his wife has three children from another person.

CJ So Cool Brother

He has a brother named Desmond Anthony Ladonn Brady who is a popular YouTuber under the name Jinx.

How rich is CJ So Cool

CJ So Cool has a net worth of $ 6 Million which includes all the real estate assets he has generated through his youtube monetizations and brand collaborations.

CJ So Cool Assets / House / Car: How Does he spend his money

CJ So sool recently bought a mega-mansion for his stepson Leo’s birthday

CJ So Cool Salary

CJ makes an estimated $200k per year. His average video is estimated to bring $5k

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