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Jai Mummy Di Review

User Rating: 1.67
Jai Mummy Di Review

Average Ratings:1.67/5
Score: 100% Negative
Reviews Counted:8

Ratings:. Review By: Anupama Chopra  Site: Filmcompanion

I know that it’s hard to feel sorry for me. I speak from a place of privilege. After all, I watch movies for a living. But sometimes the films I endure are so downright awful that I feel it’s legitimate for me to whine a little. Today is that day. And Jai Mummy Di is that film.Jai Mummy Di’s only redeeming factor is that it’s short. Genuinely, there is nothing else I can recommend in this film – the acting is bizarre, the writing is sloppy, the plot is incoherent and the background music is so purposefully annoying that you want to weep.

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Ratings:. Review By: Komal Nahta  Site: Filminformation

Navjot Gulati has written a story and screenplay, both of which are childish to the core. The problems seem to be forced, and the hunt for solutions is not half as convincing as it ought to have been. Barely a few hours before their arranged marriages are due to be solemnised, Puneet and Saanjh are shown to be concerned about how they would marry one another as if they had a couple of months in hand! On the whole, Jai Mummy Di is a comedy which lacks entertainment and it will, therefore, prove to be a flop with below-the-mark box-office collections.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Shubhra  Site: Indian Express

Good premise for a rom-com, especially because the characters speak Punjabi. But the lead pair comes off exactly as they have in their previous mode, very Pyaar Ka Punchnama. And the two mummyjis who should ideally have lifted this thing are saddled with uninspired, predictable lines.

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Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Pallabi  Site: Times Of India

The tiff between senior actresses – Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon – is not one of their finest works. Pathak does pull off the quarrelsome nature of her character Laali with reasonable conviction, but Poonam Dhillon’s most certainly not the Pinky that the director was looking for. Truth be told, ‘Jai Mummy Di’ only works to a certain degree because of the glam factor and some of its hummable musical content, rest is just bland and boring.

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Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Hungama  Site: Bollywood Hungama

On the whole, JAI MUMMY DI is a poor fare owing to the weak script, lazy direction and lack of humour. At the box office, it won’t have a long run and just has this one week window to score.

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Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Umesh  Site: Koimoi

All said and done, Jai Mummy Di is good and bad for the same reason – it’s duration. Good because it’s short and ultimately less torture, bad because even at the duration it’s boring.

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Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Ambica  Site: Khaleej Times

The jokes fall flat, the story meanders at such a slow pace the we feel like shaking up the characters. The romance is not even believable. And the duo on whom we had pinned all our hopes, Dhillon and Pathak, are sadly let down by the script. These two actors surely deserved more.If you enjoy Delhi-centric movies masquerading as romantic comedies, only then watch Jai Mummy Di.

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Ratings:.0.5/5 Review By: Anna  Site: Firstpost

His presence is just a distracting irritant. What really kills this film is the supposed big reveal in the end about Laali and Pinky’s intense enmity. It is so poorly conceived and so so ordinary, that you have to wonder why this plain film was ever made. Seriously, why?

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Jai Mummy Di Story:

A couple deal with their clashing mothers.

Jai Mummy Di Release Date:

Jan 17, 2020 ( India)

Jai Mummy Di Cast:

Sunny Singh as Puneet
Sonnalli Seygall as Saanjh
Supriya Pathak as Laali
Poonam Dhillon as Pinky

Navjot Gulati

Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Luv Ranjan
Ankur Garg

Run Time: 1 hour 43 Minutes

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