Veere Di Wedding 6th Day Box Office Collection: Wednesday Worldwide

Veere Di Wedding 6th Day Worldwide Box Office Collection


Veere Di Wedding 5th Day Worldwide Box Office CollectionVeere Di Wedding 6th day box office collections Worldwide are very good as it held well On Wednesday as compared to Tuesday

Veere Di Wedding Box Office Collection Day 6
4.75  Crore nett Trade Figure
4.87 Crore nett Producer Figure

Total Till Date Box Office Collection of Veere Di Wedding
50 Crore nett Trade Figure
52.9 Crore nett Producer Figure

Box Office Collections of  Veere Di Wedding is following a 5% drop daily in its run on weekdays.

Veere Di Wedding is all set to finish lower than Raazi in its first week despite having a higher first weekend which is due to lower reach outside of metros.

Veere Di Wedding Overseas Box Office Collection
$2.6 Million gross or Rs 17.44 Crore gross ( First Weekend)

Veere Di Wedding Worldwide Box Office Collection

82.44 Crore gross


Veere Di Wedding Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day 5
4.75 Crore nett Trade Figure
5.47 Crore nett Producer Figure

Day 4
5.25 Crore nett Trade Figure
6.04 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3
12.75 Crore nett Trade Figure
13.57 Crore nett Producer Figure

Day 2
11.55 Crore nett Trade Figure
12.25 Crore nett Producer Figure

Day 1 ( Opening Day) :
10.7 Crore Producer Figure
10.7 Crore Trade Figure


Veere Di Wedding Box Office Verdict

Veere Di Wedding  is   a hit as it was made on cost of 46 Crores and only needed 55 Crores to be a hit

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