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Haseena Parkar Budget & 7th Day Box Office Collection: Poor

Haseena Parkar Budget & 6th Day Box Office Collection

Haseena Parkar Budget &  First Day Box Office Collection

Day 7:
0.55 Crore Trade Figure

6.5 Crore Trade Figure

Day 6:
0.55 Crore Trade Figure

Day 5:
0.6 Crore Trade Figure

Day 4:
0.65 Crore Trade Figure

Day 3:
1.45 Crore Trade Figure

Day 2:
1.4 Crore Trade Figure

Day 1:
1.35 Crore Trade Figure
1.87 Crore Producer Figure

Trade Expectation: 2 Crore Opening Day


Haseena Parkar has a higher opening than Newton but is behind both Kingsman the golden circle and Bhoomi.

Haseena Parkar  has also been hit by regional movies Jai Lava Kusa in telugu and Nikka in Punjabi

Haseena Parkar  has opened better than Bhoomi in Mumbai and Maharashtra which is the only region where underworld movies work .

Shraddha Kapoor has been having a poor run of movies starting with Rock On 2, Ok Jaanu and half Girlfriend   which has reflected in the opening of this movie.

Haseena Parkar Budget

Haseena Parkar is estimated to be made on a budget of Rs 25 Crores all inclusive .of prints and advertising cost.

Haseena Parkar Screens

Haseena Parkar is releasing on a total of around 1000 screens in India

Haseena Parkar Hit or Flop

Haseena Parkar will be considered a hit if its total box office collections cross 35 Crore.

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