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Welcome Back Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collection:Big Jump

Welcome Back Box Office Collection
Welcome back Poster

Welcome back had a big jump on Saturday at India Box Office.

Welcome Back Second Day Box Office Collection:
16.88 Crores Trade Figure
17.05 Crore Producer Figure

Total till date:
31.1 Crores Trade Figure
31.4 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1:
14.22 Crore Trade Figure
14.35 Crore Producer Figure

On Saturday Welcome Back had a benefit of partial Janamashtmi holiday and had a jump of around 15-20% at box office compared to Friday.

Welcome Back  is looking set for a very good weekend in the 50 crore range as even Sunday advances are looking good.

The opening of welcome back has pleasantly surprised everyone in the trade and movie is doing beyond what trade expected  the movie to do.

Welcome back is  a solid success in hindi heartland  of UP,Bihar,Punjab, Rajasthan, MP with single screens being extraordinary.

Even multiplexes are doing good business but it is lower than that of single screens.

Metros are not as strong but are still doing decent.

Welcome Back shows that sequels get a huge benefit and masala movies with a healthy dose of comedy still work well in most parts of India.

Welcome Back is a big career boost for John Abraham  and is looking like a big mistake for Akshay Kumar.

John is also part of another Akshay Kumar movie’s sequel Hera Pheri 3 and the success of this movie has boosted chances for a high price for Hera Pheri 3.

3200 Pan India

Budget: 100 Crores

Budget: 100 Crores

Production Cost: 80 crores and Prints and Advertising cost 20 Crores . It was again a movie conceptualized 3 years ago with a hope for large amount coming in for satellite rights but market has crashed now.

 Welcome itself had some of the highest TRPs whenever it was screened and welcome back is in the same genre so it should still get a good amount whenever the rights are sold.

Welcome back is a big budget  movie and has been sold on advance to Eros by producers the big caveat being if it fails to  collect more than a certain number than producers will have to return money to Eros.

Producers of the movie have had a track record of mismanaging finances and delaying salaries of actors and payments to financiers which is why probably akshay is not doing this movie.

There were court cases and rumours that John Nana and Anil have not been paid before the release of the movie but somehow despite all this movie has released

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