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Jurassic World Review

Jurassic World  Movie Review

Average Ratings 3.5/5
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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN

Culminating in a bloated climax of mass destruction, not unlike the Transformers movies, Jurassic World frankly delivers enough bang for your buck. Sure, I’d have liked to see more ‘implied danger’. Remember that scene from Jurassic Park of a door handle being pushed down, suggesting that the raptors were smarter than we’d imagined? But hey, 1993 is a long time gone and perhaps there’s little room for subtlety today.Nevertheless, I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for Jurassic World. It’s bigger and louder, and delivers plenty thrills.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Troy Riberio Site:NDTV

The film is formulaic and predictable in structure. The first one-third of the film drags while establishing the setting. The narration gathers momentum when Claire’s nephews are thrown in direct danger in the Indominus Rex’s path. The tension builds up intermittently during the escape and rescue operation. The dramatic set pieces are outlandishly peculiar and amusing, but never frightening and the climax drags pointlessly.Director Colin Trevorrow has done a commendable job by delivering this colossal project which is close to the original. The visuals which include CGI images, VFX and 3D effects are astonishing and the background score accentuates the viewing experience.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Gavin Site:TOI

Jurassic World evokes the same sense of excitement and awe that we saw in the very first Jurassic Park movie and builds on it, giving the creatures we see on screen a palpable sense of realism, that’s completely compelling. Although the film is safely formulaic, it is executed with finesse. The effects are superb, the action is supersized and ultimately, if there is just one word that can describe this movie, that word would be ‘awesome’.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Jyoti Sharma Site:Hindustan times

The underlying message of this self referencing film is: We are going to give you some CGI-filled mayhem which will be akin to Transformers-meets-Sharknado. Just don’t blame us when shit hits the fan. The CGI falls eons short of Jurassic Park’s realistic feel. It looks fake in places and forced in others. How we miss those practical effects of Spielberg which made the first film terrifyingly real. Now, to the billion dollar question: Is the film as good as Jurassic Park? No, it is not but it is a worthy successor.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Bollywood Hungama Site:Bollywood Hungama

Overall, despite JURASSIC WORLD being predictable in parts, it does not fail to amaze you, developing into a fitting sequel to its predecessors. The film is for both, the young audiences who haven’t seen the series on the big screen and also for the ones who have been following it for decades. JURASSIC WORLD is surely a big screen experience that is not to be missed, especially if you can catch it on IMAX 3D.

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Ratings:– Review By: AP Site:Indian Express

While it’s easy to lament the kind of films born out of Spielberg’s box office record-setter, “Jurassic Park” was — and still is — a kind of pop perfection that has since been endlessly copied but rarely equaled. “Jurassic World,” the latest incarnation of the franchise, is lacking the deft sense of wonderment, wit and suspense that guided the original.

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Ratings:– Review By: BMS Editor Site:Bookmyshow

Jurassic World will definitely entertain you after the last two extra, extra large and mildly disappointing sequels. This film definitely captures the Spielbergian factor of horror and wonderment, added with Trevorrow’s sense of self-reflecting humour and chaos. And in world of panic and joy, Trevorrow, Pratt and the monstrous Indominus Rex make quite a team.

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Movie Name: Jurassic World

Synopsis:Visitors at the Jurassic World theme park run for their lives when the genetically engineered Indominus Rex and other dinosaurs go on a rampage.

Release Dates: Jun 11, 2015

 Director: Colin Trevorrow

MPAA rating: PG-13

Running time: 2h 10m

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