Roar and Super Nani First Weekend Box Office Collection

Roar Super Nani Box Office Collection

Three Day Total:
Roar: 4.75 Crore
Super Nani : 1.42 Crore

Day 3:

Roar: 1.85 Crore
Super Nani : 0.6 Crore
Day 2:
Roar: 1.5 Crore

Super Nani : 0.42 Crore

There was hardly growth in both the movies.

Day 1:

Roar: 1.4 Crore
Super Nani : 0.4 Crore

Super Nani did small amount of business in metros multiplexes but was poor elsewhere.

Super nani is hardly going to collect from this start.

Roar did very well in mass centers and central India but was poor elsewhere.

Roar was best in CP and CI circuits.

Non Hollywood aware audiences in B and C centers have taken to Roar  very well though growth will be difficult.

Roar is basically appealing to youth in these mass centers.

On the contrary Roar was pretty much a washout in metros.

Roar and Super Nani both have a budget in 20 crores range.