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Haider Box Office : Good Opening

Haider First Day Box Office Opening

Haider has had a good start of 50% from limited screens at box office.

Haider is best in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore  and Mumbai so far

Haider has opened against huge odds and a clash with Bang Bang has forced it to open in limited screens of around 1100-1200 which is considered low.

UTV has had to threaten single screens that those not opening haider will not get its future releases to get these screens.

Multiplex programming of shows  is also 70 to 30 in favour of Bang Bang

While Haider may not have huge day 1 it will have a decent day 1 at box office.

If content is liked than with a 5 day weekend and 3 clear weeks Haider will still do good business at box office.

Haider has an budget which is a 3rd of budget of Bang Bang .

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