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Godzilla India Box Office Collection: 2nd Highest of 2014

Godzilla Box Office Collection

First WeekCollection at India Box Office
23.5 Crore Nett Trade figure
equivalent to 5.17 Million Dollars Gross as per trade figures

This is second highest first week for an english movie in India in 2014 behind Amazing spiderman 2

The studio figures are not available so far

The English version of the movie did very well but the dubbed versions were not as good with telugu version under performing the most.

The Collections make it as the 6th Highest opening weekend ever for an english movie in India.

Godzilla collections was also effected marginally by election results in the morning on Friday

The collections are still very good for an english movie and are in the range of Mission Impossible 4 for India.

Godzilla has only one week to collect before X men makes its impact at the box office.

The biggest opening day for an english movie in India is for Amazing spiderman 2 with 7.4 crore which is also the highest grossing english movie this year with a 50 crore Nett and a 11.1 Million dollar gross in India

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