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Dedh Ishqiya Seven Days( First Week) Worldwide Box Office Collection (Hit Ya Flop)

Dedh Ishqiya Seven Days( First Week) Box Office Collection

Dedh Ishqiya First Week Box office Collection

Producer Figure:
Rs 19.64 Crore Nett

Trade Figure:
 Rs 18.03 Crore Nett

Overseas: $876,000 ( Rs 5.39 Crore) Gross

Worldwide : Rs 28.83 Crore Gross

Budget: 31 Crores + (including prints + advertising cost)

Verdict:  Flop

Dedh Ishqiya had a very poor opening due to a very weak trailer as well as lack of  a good songs compared to Ishqiya . However Dedh Ishqiya  had great reviews from critics which helped it to grow its box office collection almost daily. With a clear second week it might go on and may breakeven but that is its only chance.

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  1. As with all box office data on our site the figures can be approximate and we do not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film.

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  1. Dedh Ishqiya production cost was 15 crore. So 31 crore (including prints and advertising) is absurd.

  2. Superb Film, it should have been a hit. Viewers have no taste/brains they just want to watch films that have a bunch of people who have never been to college pretending to be college kids, a stupid story/no story and a few mediocre songs. I feel sorry for people who want to make good films comparable to hollywood. Well, its no use, the viewers dont want to see good films they want to see trash. so keep making only those.

  3. There was nothing superb in the movie. But yes it cud have been superb with some better editing, reduced play time and better character sketches of Naseer and Madhuri. Even the lesbian angle was sheepishly shown. Besides, the magic of first part was missing and comparisons to Vidya s fantastic performance is inevitable.

  4. Dedh ishqiya has been decalred a hit as it earned INR 25 cr. against its production cost of INR 15 cr. Once figures from Pakistan boxoffice also come in then it might be declared a superhit

  5. This is false report as Dedh Ishqiya has collected Rs 25 crores nett as against its production cost of Rs 15 cr. It has been declared a hit. And once the box office figures from Pakistan come, it might become a super hit

  6. Magnificient movie! Superb Screenplay & direction, wonderful characterization, top-notch acting and soothing music make Dedh Ishqiya nothing short of a master-piece. This is definitely a Hit considering that second week collections are still strong.
    The movie already recovered its production costs and by the end of second week, it will earn good profits for everyone! This verdict given as flop is bogus!

  7. best movie of the year, from casting of actors how the story plot develops and little twists.sense of humour,everything was perfect but people didnt like it coz it didnt have crab like shaking of ur waist belt and putting ut glasess behind ur like.

  8. False REPORT! Please get the stats right

  9. what a biased and feku report??? the production cost was in the range of 15-16 crs how can print and publicity (which was minimal) add upto 15crs..must be a sri fan is reporting.. on other boxoffice sites its declared as average or a hit..

  10. Dedh Ishqiya managed to collect Rs 31.59 cr nett gross. The budget for the movie reported was Rs 15 cr, so the movie should be declared as average or hit but I do not understand why in here the budget stated Rs 31 cr which is somewhat ridiculous since most location shot in India not overseas. I don't think the promotion and publicity would cost another Rs 15 cr. It is absurd!

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