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Zindagi 50-50 Review

Zindagi 50-50 Rating: 1.75/5

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Zindagi 50-50 Movie Review

Ratings:1.5/5  Review By:  Renuka Vyavahare Site:Times of India

In order to attract the masses, besides the ample skin show, dialogues are loaded with s**ual innuendo, all of which is unnecessary. The film is full of cliches and topics that have been addressed in movies a billion times before. As the film ends, you wonder if the filmmaker justifies adultery, prostitution and exploitation of women in general, including the casting couch. You also wonder if there is an underlying message in the film, which hints that a woman needs to sleep around to get ahead in life! The lewdness in dialogues and scenes puts you off.

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Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Prasanna Zore Site:Rediff

Zindagi 50-50 makes a brave but half-hearted effort to depict the dark cruelty that surrounds ordinary lives of three women. It fails miserably as sleaze — of language as well as skin — overtakes the proceedings. The only woman who rocks in Zindagi 50-50 is Supriya Kumari in her role as Rupa. She makes you empathise with her predicaments, shout in rebellion with her as she spews fire on a lecherous MHADA officer and makes you drown with her in her guilt as she admits to ‘wrongdoing’ to her husband.

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Ratings:–  Review By:  Komal Nahta Site:ETC

Rajiv S. Ruia’s story is quite ridiculous because it rests on the philosophy that a woman can never achieve anything in life without compromising or giving s**ual favours to people. S. Sachindra’s screenplay is as ridiculous as Ruia’s story and, if one can say so, the story and screenplay belong to an era gone by. The drama is loud and so underlined that it would seem, there was no word like subtlety in the dictionaries of the writers. There is so much of selling one’s body to get work done or to make a living that it leaves the audience repulsed. On the whole, Ziindagi 50 50 is a poor show with the added disadvantage of lacking in face value. It will prove to be a non-starter at the box-office.

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