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Janleva 555 Rating: 1/5

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Janleva 555 Movie Review

Ratings:1/5 Review by Renuka Vyavahare Site:Times of India (TOI)

Describing Janleva 555 is a tough task. It starts off as a film intended to spread awareness about the hazards of snake bites. However, what follows is simply unnecessary, overdose of singing and dancing, dated reincarnation drama, cheesy romance and over-the-top performances from the lead cast. The film drags, story refuses to proceed. It’s not just the reincarnation drama that seems out of place, everything about the film looks dated and unnecessary. The film is full of cliches. You have an old man called ‘babaji’ instead of ‘ramu kaka’, you see the actress doing a snake dance at the drop of a hat…list is endless. Janleva 555 is indeed Janleva… it does bore you to death.

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