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Wrath of the Titans Review

Wrath of the Titans Rating:  2.25/5

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Wrath of the Titans Movie Review

Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site: IBNLive (CNN IBN)

Wrath of the Titans has better action set-pieces and uses special effects a little more judiciously than 2010’s campy Clash of the Titans. The film’s plot however, is still a hoot, and exists only to provide some catch-your-breath moments in the middle of all that wall-to-wall action. What this sequel is missing clearly is the cheesy sensibility of the earlier film that made it one of those so-bad-that-it’s-fun experiences.Despite some stray humor in the dialogue, this film is a mostly dull affair. The action is engaging, but you’re never invested in the characters to care about what happens to them. I’m going with two out of five for Wrath of the Titans. It’s true – the strange beasts are more compelling than the gods and mortals in this film!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Allen O Brien Site: TimesOfIndia

to all Clash of the Titans fans. Don’t go expecting for a storyline that’ll make you go all hail Liebesman. After all, when was this Gods versus Titans versus Demi Gods series all about a colossal plot anyway. But then here is what makes up for the same. First, it’s the edgy action cuts.Then there is the element of the mysterious Next is the ultimate hero, the demi God.A word about the 3D effects. Definitely not much to make the Gods happy, but surely enough to send the message — of wrath -across to us mortals.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Jackie J Thakkar Site: BookMyShow

He manages to surpass all the expectations one had from the franchise. It’s actually a pretty mediocre film. Amusing how that’s actually a relief in this context.The pacing of the film is rather rushed. There are times where you literally feel like you’re watching it in 2x fast forward.One of the many problems with this Warner Brothers’ venture is that it’s not adventurous. That would be forgiven if this wasn’t actually an Adventure genre film. It just fails to strike a chord.”Wrath of the Titans” is a textbook example of how a film can go bust purely based on shabby storylines. A huge budget and stellar special effects can only take a film that far. The 3D effects are commendable and there are a few jaw dropping scenes that come into spectacular effect with the digital enhancement of 3D. The entire movie seems to just show off special effects but it’s disappointing to see them set these up against such a dull premise.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Shaikh AyazSite: Rediff

Unlike the first film, Wrath of the Titans doesn’t seem to be peopled with far too many characters but it is still quite a mental challenge to keep track of what’s happening to whom. The biggest flaw is that it fails to bring out the heroic values of the Greek mythology this film so proudly rests itself on. The screenwriting, the situations and dialogue, in particular, are treated as if with contempt; and certainly, more time and thought seems have been invested into action, special effects and sound, which, frankly, are not so bad. The acting is, as always, a cross between Greek tragedies enacted for theatre and amateur school plays. So, what is left, you may ask. Action and special effects is central to a film like Wrath of the Titans and if you find joy in purely that, you might — barely — respond to the calls of this movie. To most viewers, Wrath of the Titans will appear lousy and painful. Like it did to me.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri Site: DNA

Wrath of the Titans is a good example of a potentially good film gone wrong. Though admittedly better than the first one, Wrath… still leaves much to be desired. As far as the script is concerned, it feels a tad rushed. Too much happens in too little time and as a result, all of it fails to make an impression. There are cool mythological creatures, monsters, a few cool visual effects but that’s about it.Not many will be disappointed if they put an end to the Titans series with the Wrath. Skip it, not worth the headache or the dent on your nose.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Mrigank DhaniwalaSite: Koimoi

What’s Good: The action, a few scenes involving the father-son drama.What’s Bad: The average script; the boring middle portion of the drama; the multitude of characters who haven’t been established well enough.Verdict: Wrath Of The Titans is an average entertainer.Loo break: None really.Watch or Not?: Watch if you are interested in watching a film based on Greek mythology.

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