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Akkad Bakkkad Bam Be Bo Review

Akkad Bakkkad Bam Be Bo Rating:  1/5

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Akkad Bakkkad Bam Be Bo Movie Review

Ratings: 1/5  Reviewer:Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham

I don’t know why the makers were in a hurry to have it released during peak exam time. Eleven children break out of jail because they will be sent to school. Unfortunately for them, they jump into an open window and find shelter in the house of the same teacher who wants them to study. Form here you can understand where the film is headed.These children even take on the armed forces of Pakistan after crossing the border to save some of their friends who have been kidnapped by jihadis. Commonsense has no room in this drama as the kids are unleashed on unsuspecting viewers. I guess, the director had SOUND OF MUSIC in mind when he set out to make AKKAD BAKKKAD BAM BE BO.

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